Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breakfast, Breakfast, Beach

This morning came way sooner than I was ready for. I gloss over these details about traveling when I get the urge to do it again. I forget how long it takes to get seven people packed up and ready to hit the road. For no good reason it took us over an hour but, as Michael pointed out, we did miss the rush hour traffic. We put the address for Voodoo Doughnuts into the navigation system and eventually we made our way to Portland’s steamy underbelly. We couldn’t believe there was only one person outside the doughnut shop but we soon found out that the tiny little shop was packed with folks liked up. Even so it didn’t take very long to pick out a few odd things. The kids picked out remarkably tame items such as chocolate covered and sprinkled, while Michael went for the Bacon Maple Bar and I had the Voodoo Donut. But breakfast wasn’t over yet!

Sierra’d seen some food program that featured The Original Pancake House in Portland. I guess these places are all over the country but the Portland restaurant is the original Original. She really, really wanted to try the apple pancake they’re famous for. Okay, okay, she twisted our arms. Anyway, we got there and were seated almost immediately. It’s a small place with shocking prices (our apple pancake was $15 and the side orders of 4 sausages the little boys wanted were $6.50 each . . .) but the food really was amazing. It was something we had to try but there sure won’t be a repeat. When it was time to go, the lobby was packed with people waiting to eat. I guess when you have a following like that you charge whatever you feel like charging.

At this point I was more than happy to move on. I can only take a small dose of the humanity that calls Portland home. Which is sad. I grew up reading Beverly Cleary books and I sort of love the area. It’s beautiful, lush, and visually, the sort of place I feel at home. Because I’m all about the Pacific Northwest. You know that. But I cannot stomach the folks I keep finding myself surrounded by. The table of moms next to us at OMSI was a perfect example. In an area clearly designated for food purchased in the museum (there’s a separate brown bag area), these mothers and their snappily dressed progeny noshed on organic, locally grown, sustainable health food they’d brought with them (don’t get me wrong; I love that people feed their kids right but there was obviously a competition going down about who brought what). The moms wore clearly expensive, extremely casual clothes and you know, it reminded me a lot of high school. When people work really hard to look different, interesting perhaps, only to look just like everyone else. One mom in particular cracked me up. She was a white girl with two-tone dreads and her son’s name was India. No seriously. It was a boy. I felt a little boring sitting next to these folks but you have to take into consideration that I have no one to impress.

So anyway, from the pancakes we traveled on to Cannon Beach. I’d been eyeing my weather app all week and it kept showing that today would be the one sunny day for the next several. It should be great! And it would’ve been if I’d been a little patient and waited ten minutes for the rain to pass. You see, when we pulled into town and found a place to park, it was pouring down rain. We got out anyway. Bundled up, put on shoes fit for the beach, and trudged off. By the time we got to the beach the sun was starting to shine and we were wet. It only got better; once they hit the sand, Sierra, Kenny, and Sam headed straight for the surf. They were soaked in a matter of minutes and shivering. WHY??? I’d been pretty clear about the whole DO NOT GET WET RIGHT AWAY thing but they couldn’t help themselves. We stayed long enough to fly a kite and let the surf chase them a little longer but it really was a short visit. I wonder what a rental house on the beach would set a person back? That would really be the way to go.

Long drive up to Yelm but it was interesting enough and one I hadn’t done in years. Probably I’ve never even driven it before, a passenger maybe. There were a few cloud bursts but nothing like we’re expecting here tomorrow. I’m crossing my finger the city of Lacey doesn’t lose power; we’ve got tickets for 3 adults, 2 seniors, and 4 kids for the “How to Train Your Dragon” in IMAX 3-D and I hear it might be pretty good. It better be for what those tickets cost.

That’s it for the travelogue dears, I’m hitting the sack.

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