Friday, April 2, 2010

Blustery Day

Michael’s mom called this morning after hearing about the refinery explosion in Anacortes. She isn’t familiar with Washington geography and wasn’t sure if that was anywhere near us. We’re definitely closer to Anacortes now than if we were at home but we’re still nowhere near. How sad to hear about the three, then later 4 deaths. Heart wrenching to think of the others that were horribly burned. Dianna wrote today that her sister’s husband works at that Tesoro plant but blessedly, was home this morning. I bet he’s getting some extra hugs today.

It’s Good Friday and the weather seemed appropriate. Dark gray skies, wild wind, pouring rain. The wind chimes have been singing their tune loud and clear. Not much to say about the first half of my day; I slept in, ate half an apple fritter the size of my head, and did a few loads of laundry. That was the extent of the morning’s excitement. I have to say I appreciated the change of pace.

This afternoon all eleven of us went to town to see “How to Train Your Dragon” in IMAX 3D and it was pouring when we ran in and pouring when we ran out. No offense to my Richland friends but I wouldn’t be disappointed to hear my lawn was getting the same treatment over there. The movie was great! I won’t say much about it as plenty probably haven’t seen it yet but our whole family enjoyed it. It occurred to me that we’ve finally hit that stage where we can all go to a movie without concern that one of the younger ones will freak out, bolt, or cry. As long as you keep the popcorn coming, Josh is fine. FINALLY. Or maybe it was just the fact that Grandma was with him? Well, either way, we’re getting there.

Dad and Mom were kind enough to take the kids back with the van while Michael and I picked up a coconut and other ingredients to make his birthday cake. Better late than never, right? And better coconut than not. Stay tuned; if it’s any good I’ll post a recipe tomorrow.

I talked Michael into a quick trip to Jason’s when we were done and it was worth it despite the downpour. I needed ten more of a particular plant to finish up my window boxes and I wasn’t interested in paying $4.99 each in Richland. Jason’s had them for $1.99! I wish I had room to bring more home!

I read an article in The Guardian online tonight and it shed a little light on why people who make a show of being ‘green’, ‘socially responsible’, ‘eco-friendly’, whatever you want to call it, make my skin itch. It was about this series of experiments (later published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) and the bottom line was that the research showed folks to be more likely to choose ‘green’ products when doing so in public. Researchers found that shoppers were willing to forgo luxury and performance in order to benefit from the perceived social status that would come from buying products with reduced environmental impact. As one researcher put it, “Even if people don't care about climate change, they care about what other people think of them.” I guess it’s phoniness that makes me squirm. It’s the show of it. Whatever.

Anyway, the coconut is calling.

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