Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things That Happened Today

Josh is climbing me right now, sniffing my face. As if I smell interesting. It should be shocking but it’s normal Josh behavior. He sniffs those he loves. The fact is, he smells. He smells because he just got a hold of my last bottle of Hermes d'Orange Shampoo that I lifted from Le Meridien hotels in Munich and Paris two summers ago. I love the smell but I think maybe I’m over it at this point.

Something really crazy happened this morning. We were ready for church almost a half an hour before we needed to leave to be on the early side. It was very disorienting. I had time after we found a place to sit so I went to the library to make copies of the Relief Society announcements. While I was there I found out that the librarians really prefer this to be done by Thursday at the latest. I guess it makes sense but I’d never thought about it before. I guess I’ll just have to let everyone know I won’t accept announcements after Wednesday. The librarian who told me this has the coolest name ever. If I was writing a book I would be hard pressed not to steal it: Lurlene Lenkersdorfer. I almost wanted to tell her how much I adore her name but I thought she might think I was poking fun.

Later in church today my mind wandered from where it should be to my trip to Target yesterday. I hadn’t been in probably two months so I took a little extra time wandering through the clothes and shoes. I always have my eye out for dresses that are long enough and sleeved enough to pass muster. I stopped in front of some very pretty, classic dresses and admired them. As pretty as they were, it was sleeveless or tiny cap sleeves as far as the eye could see. Sitting there in church, I thought about how stupid that is. I mean from a marketing perspective. I know a lot of women. A large percentage of these women a) love Target and b) choose to wear sleeves either for religious or cosmetic reasons (arm flab is a very real deterrent!). I think that if Target made available more classically inspired dresses with sleeves, they probably couldn’t keep them in stock. The LDS gals alone would make them some serious coin.

After church Sierra told me that the red maple we planted in October was starting to get leaves! I’ve been wondering what it would look like for awhile. I took a few pictures of the apple and Asian pear blossoms and some honeysuckle as well. Everything is so pretty. I mean my actual yard is a vast expanse of goathead infested green stuff but those trees and bushes are lovely. Oh how I wish I knew a way to rid this place of goatheads. A way that didn’t involve rototilling and Round Uping the whole thing or paying for sod. I think there’s no magic for that.

Well, let’s call it a night. Michael Jr. just informed us of his plans to spend two hours a day for the next month learning echolocation. And of course Sierra is roundly mocking him. It will be forgotten by tomorrow but for now I’d like the clicking sounds to call it a night too.

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