Friday, March 19, 2010

That's Not Her Name!

I’m tired. We put in “The Informant!” in the ClearPlay machine with filters set on high for Profanity, Nudity, Blasphemy, and Gluttony. Well, not Gluttony but you get the picture. I’m trying to enjoy the movie but I’m mostly fidgety watching Matt Damon’s character. That mustache. Those pleated slacks. Even the haircut is awful. I bet his loafers have tassels. It’s too much. I might have to give up. It feels like being lied to endlessly by a bad dresser.

I think I’m in love with the Richland Public Library. I packed up my laptop, etc. and headed over this morning for a few hours. I needed some place to spread out my notes, a place I could work on the Relief Society newsletter, announcement sheet, agenda, etc. without being constantly reminded of the hundred million other things I really should be getting right on. I went upstairs and it was so peaceful. Huge windows, awesome, fully wired desks, silence when the barista downstairs wasn’t talking. She’s a real nice gal (she makes a mean hazelnut hot chocolate) but the acoustics in the entry way are perfect for carrying and amplifying sound. Not what you’d expect at a library. But anyway, it was nice.

I felt like sending Michael Jr. down there today. He is so easily distracted and he has his Delta application to finish up. Writing is not his thing and you know, I don’t get it. He is so literal and would answer an essay question with a list if we didn’t get on his case. I can’t get my head around not wanting to answer questions about myself. Totally foreign. I just want to get this thing behind us and find out if he’s in or not. Otherwise I’ve got to get things arranged for Richland High.

I made pozole this afternoon for the Chili Feed because I saw that Soups were invited too. I love this recipe and the benefit to bringing it to something like this is that it’s not particularly nice looking so people pass it over, leaving more for ME. Unfortunately I bought parsley instead of cilantro and had to run out to Albertsons for a do-over. I have no idea how I screwed that one up. The kids benefited though; when I walked into the store I saw that they had the Dreyer’s Girl Scout cookie ice cream Buy 1 Get 2 Free. Such a deal!

It was only Michael, Michael Jr., and I and we parked ourselves close to my pot of soup and waited for the go ahead. The kids pulled out their DS’s (they were everywhere!) and played something with each other. I have no idea how that works but it was good to see Michael Jr. smiling and laughing. After awhile the Nicholson’s sat across from us so we had some additional front row entertainment. Good stuff. LDS Jeopardy was the fun for the night and we were asked to go up against the Hunts. Michael said NOPE so that honor went to the Lucas’s. I was glad; there are plenty of things I don’t know. Of course, I’m not the only one; in true Jeopardy style, the question to the answer “The 8 Witnesses”, somehow involved Eddie Murphy and several Hunt boys. That was the laugh I needed!

But the biggest laugh was yet to come. I posted on Facebook that I bought parsley instead of cilantro and Ania wrote that she usually smells it first. I was just trying to say that’s what a smart person would do but when I typed in her name, the way I misspelled it prompted my iPhone to correct it to “Anus”! I called her “Anus”!!! Lesson learned! Read twice, post once!

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