Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Today was fast and furious. I made myself a list as long as my arm of things I needed to do before my parents come on Friday and I got a lot of items done before the boys left for school. When I walked back in the door after taking them I noticed that Sam’s photo on the wall looked different. Someone already moved the star this morning.

A star sticker showed up on Sam’s picture a week or so ago and every day someone moves it. Some days it’s on one of his eyes, on others it’s on his forehead or cheek. My mom gave the kids a package of stickers awhile back and for whatever reason, they don’t leave any mess behind and they peel off easily. So anyway, I decided I’d add a few extras and when Sierra caught me, she had a fabulous idea. To her and to her only. She pulled out the Vis-à-Vis pens and more stickers and defaced the whole lot of us. Michael Jr. made a big fuss about the pencil-thin mustache she gave him but so far no one else has complained much. Even Kenny with the starry eyes and dreads.

I dropped off Michael Jr.’s application to Delta High School this morning. I sure hope he gets in but we won’t know till, well, I guess I should’ve asked because it’s going to bug me not knowing. Anyway, there’s a lottery involved and I guess his chance is as good as anyone else’s. How good that chance is, I don’t know.

Desirée and I did a little visiting teaching for someone else this morning and I was able to meet someone new. It’s funny, but it never occurred to me to ask a member of the Relief Society Presidency to make visits when I couldn’t or to join me when my companion was unable. I wonder how many other examples I could find of ways that I do things the hard way? Don’t even say it! But seriously, I think I reinvent the wheel on at least a bi-weekly basis. I need to let people help me more.

Did I mention I have some pretty Awesome friends? This morning Tia showed up and brought me a treat to make me feel better about the freakishly nasty growth on my lip and she even picked up a few gallons of milk for me later in the day. There are times when really the only reason I’m making a grocery store run is because we’re out of milk. This would’ve been one of those days. And yesterday Desirée even offered to come help me clean! I turned her down but it was less pride (you know I have none) and mostly because what I have to do is more like putting things where they belong. Seriously, when I finally decide to clean out the garage I’ll be all over the help. *hears crickets chirping*

Josh and I sorted through Michael Jr.’s room today and he “helped” by picking up everything at least once and asking if Michael got it for his Christmas or for his birthday. I love that little bugger but cleaning and sorting around him is like running up the down escalator. In the end though, it's sorted out, clean, and ready for Michael to keep it that way. There WILL be inspections because I’ll be darned if I’m doing that again.

Sierra’s room is all Spring Cleaned and something very cool happened while we were working on it. Sierra started talking to me about different folks and their respective drama in the Book of Genesis. She said that when she’s in class on Sunday she always has the answers because she read the Orson Scott Card “Women of Genesis” series. I loved those and after she FINALLY decided she didn’t hate reading, I gave them to her (Thanks Stephanie Meyers! From the bottom of my heart. I know you will never read this but you’ve made a reader out of my girl and I will never, never be able to thank you enough). She devoured them and now reads for hours a day. Still hard to believe. But anyway, I asked her if she wanted to read the chapters in Genesis that her teacher would be studying for the next lesson. She dug right in and is finding that it makes sense now in ways that it didn’t before she read the novels. I’m so happy she’s reading the scriptures on her own but then again, it is Genesis. If it were made into a movie it would be at least rated “R”. I hope some of that goes over her head. Now that I think of it, there’s an awful lot of awful in there. It reminds me of last Sunday when Michael Jr. overheard me singing, “Here’s to you, Mrs. Potiphar” to the tune of the song from “The Graduate”. He’d just learned about her overtures and knew just what I was singing about. Ah religion. It’s not always rainbows, olive branches, and white doves, is it?

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