Sunday, March 14, 2010

She's Back

I just finished regaling the boys with tales of feudalism, the War of the Roses and the bubonic plague, so it’s lights out and Quiet Time. Except that echoing, really indescribably annoying sound of Michael’s Blackberry as e-mails come in from work.

I woke up this morning feeling just about as tired as I did when I went to bed. Not a good sign but nothing to be done for it; we needed to head out one way or the other. It took longer than I’d hoped though. The Dreaded Time Change showed up on the scene and turned a reasonably decent Rise and Shine (hold the Shine) into a Snooze Fest. Mom made bacon, tomato, and avocado bagels which helped in the Shine department but it was slow going for awhile. I forgot that I needed to show her how to upload photos from her camera to her laptop and from there to Walmart for prints and e-mails and Facebook to share. I wrote up a cheat sheet so maybe we’ll be seeing some photos from their next trip to Louisiana one of these days.

We finally hit the road around noon, with Skipper onboard. We’re the kennel alternative and he didn’t seem to mind much. In his old age he’s lost a good deal of his crazy terrier-like ways and essentially all he’s interested in is sleeping on the couch and occasionally taking off after a cat. He’s next to me now, covered up in his favorite blanket and sleeping like a short-haired log.

I got to see something interesting today. As soon as we made it home, Sierra and the boys headed down the street to take Skipper for a walk (and thus narrowly avoiding the whole Unpack the Van scene). When they walked back, Sierra said a neighbor wanted to borrow a dolly and that he was coming down to ask. Only one neighbor is moving from one side of the street to the other so that narrowed it down. I hauled it out of the garden shed and down the street to him and after refusing several times to allow him to “rent” it, he relented and offered to give Sierra and I a tour of his new digs.

This is the “F” House I’ve written about before. It’s just simply massive and dwarfs everything in sight. During the extended re-mix that was the remodel, this family lived in the other half of Tia’s “B” House (“A”, “B”, and “C” Houses all started out as duplexes) across the street, so this move has to be the shortest I’ve ever witnessed. No one’s borrowing any trucks, that’s for sure. So anyway, would I like to look around? Why yes I would. Absolutely I would.

Because I’ve heard stories. I knew things weren’t being done halfway. We walked in and I died and went to heaven looking at the entry floor. It was a gorgeous slate floor with squares laid down on the diagonal. Across the floor at points where four corners would have met, half thunder eggs were inlaid. It was amazing. The living room fireplace was also faced with the same slate and thunder egg design. We checked out the laundry room with the spiral staircase up to the turret where we could see for miles and miles (which, incidentally, I can also do from my front yard). The neighbor offered the use of it if we ever need to get a good look at our roof. Honestly, he could get a good look at a lot of stuff from up there. Not real sure how the next door neighbors feel about it because as it turns out, he’s getting new ones on either side.

We saw plenty more but the master bedroom was insane. A beautiful closet with a window (I could totally move in to it), a huge bathroom that had it all, including a sauna, and a massive picture window that highlighted their uncompromising view of the cemetery. I applaud their style and taste but location? I love this neighborhood and think it’s the best block in town but I don’t know folks. That’s an awful lot of Fabulous for an almost 1/5th acre lot.

Well dears, I’d better say goodnight. I feel like garbage.

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