Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Way or The Other

I chose the gray dress this morning with a little bit of trepidation. It’s a serviceable dress; it covers the bases but I only have one pair of shoes that really go with it and they have 3 ½ inch heels. They look so good but man, I wasn’t built for these things. Technically, none of us were, but you know, I think some women pull it off.

Because I don’t have Caller I.D. I answered the phone this morning to a request to say a prayer in church. It’s no big deal but as I sat through sacrament meeting, I kept envisioning myself tripping on the walk up to say the closing prayer. It would have been so funny but no one would understand that it was funny to me too and would see my laughter as nervous overcompensation. An awkward, instead of reverent, silence would ensue and I’d be assaulted with kindness on the way to class.

I made it up to the pulpit without losing my footing; so much for my overactive imagination. I thought I was home free until I caused a scene in Relief Society. During the announcements I put a clipboard and binder on the folding seat next to me. Without thinking I put my hand on the back of this seat and leaned into it. Instantly the seat flipped up, my clipboard and binder hit the floor with a thump, and my arm followed! One way or the other I was going to make a scene.

“Are you okay??” I heard several people whisper.

And do you know what? I’m great. Great and sleepy.

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