Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One of Those Days

It just occurred to me that I’d like a motorcycle. Odd because I’ve never considered the matter one way or the other. Whatever; mothers of five don’t do things like that, right? It’s not the done thing, dangerous, etc.

I feel like my head’s been held under water today. My cold symptoms have dissipated; it’s not that. I just want, no desperately need a day or two to catch up but I’m nowhere near getting it. I thought I might get several items checked off my list today because I wouldn’t have additional children around but ha! No way. I had a kindergarten and a 3rd grade conference, a trip to the eye doctor to repair Sierra’s glasses, and an appointment for Sam to get his bifid tooth extracted. Add in things that don’t count unless you don’t do them, such as unloading the dishwasher, sweeping, homeschooling, planning and executing meals, and the day is DONE. What I wouldn’t do for a few days by myself to sort this place out.

I always wonder if I should write things like that. Nothing is solved by it and it’s nothing close to interesting or entertaining. But it’s real and it’s true so I guess it has its place somewhere. And the day wasn’t all a downer; it just felt like it 95% of the time.

The day could be considered decent because it was conferences for Kenny and Sam. Neither of them love school (unless by “school” you mean “recess”) but they are both very good at playing by the rules and getting the job done virtually anywhere outside the confines of this home. Kenny’s standardized test scores placed him in the gifted category in math but in reading he was only just above the end of the year target. Not surprising; he’s only recently decided he actually enjoys reading a little. Sam’s mastered what he’s supposed to, he’s gone back to “Sam” (he used to insist on “Samuel” at school), and Ms. Thompson thinks she may have finally stopped calling him Kenny. She laughed and said that in two years she’ll be calling Josh “Sam”. No doubt about it.

And the day was a little better because Sierra finally had her glasses repaired. Afterwards Sam had his dental appointment and although he was a little whiny on the ride over, according to the dental assistant, he did very well. Didn’t complain a bit. That’s a big deal because like I wrote yesterday, numbing the area in front is a little more involved. While I waited I talked with the receptionists and they said that if it was one of their kids, they’d have to be right back there in the operatory. They couldn’t sit out front waiting. I laughed. I can’t imagine a scenario where that would go down well. I love my kids but it’s just like Primary. I somehow appear to them as a sort of neon-flashing exit strategy. It’s better if I’m nowhere in sight.

He must’ve done quite a job because when we headed toward the prize machine on the way out, Sam showed me that he had 6 tokens. As he chose things for himself and his brothers and sister, I looked over the instructions we’d been handed as we left. Apparently Sam is to avoid smoking. He got a chuckle out of that. Then he became very serious and said in a garbled voice through the gauze, “Mom, I can’t talk good. Do I have to go to school tomorrow?” I smiled and said “Absolutely you don’t”. Because hey, he may not remember, but there’s no school for him till Friday (why do they bother?). It’s great when you can be the nice mom without even trying.

I got a phone call today asking if Kenny had earned anything for the next pack meeting. I needed to look over his book to jog my memory and when I did I saw that he needed to practice some phone call scenarios. Such as what to do if someone calls looking for a parent who isn’t home. I had about three other things going on so I asked Michael Jr. to practice with him. I guess he needs more practice because when Michael pretended to call, Kenny answered, “I’m home alone and completely vulnerable. May I take a message?” Ug. No one takes anything seriously around here. I mean aside from their own personal righteousness in all disputes. Which, my goodness, we’re having plenty of. I don’t know what the deal is but the combination of the household chores stacking up and the kids bickering are completely undoing me. I mentioned feeling like my head’s being held underwater but really I think it’s closer to just treading water. And really, I want to get somewhere. I guess I need to learn a different stroke.

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  1. We are having a lot of that here too. The chores, homework, persnicketyness with siblings, unjustified quarrels and retaliations... on top of a new, very demanding calling! I can totally relate! Keep swimming girl! We can do it.


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