Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Torture

It was against all odds. A practical impossibility. But somehow, on a day I was supposed to be transportation-free, I found myself in a massage chair with my feet soaking in scalding water.


Seriously. It was very, very hot. My feet were only able to stand it in the at all because of the recent addition of a little cold water. The first attempt to submerge my feet was not entirely successful. When I sat down I confidently plunged them in, expecting immediate pleasure. I mean I could see the woman about to give me a pedicure actually testing it with her hand. It didn’t occur to me that I was seconds from recoiling in agony.

“Too hot?”

Oh my goodness, yes too hot. And it was all downhill from there. I haven’t had anyone ever cause me this sort of pain with a pedicure. I’ve been cut with a razor-type thing in an attempt to remove the layers of dead skin on my heels but even that was tolerable. This was just crazy; I kept wondering if I was on camera or something. But being the total wiener that I am, I said nothing. Beauty can be painful and all (let’s not forget my logger eyebrows) but this was ridiculous. If memory serves, pedicures are supposed to be enjoyable.

I was only able to squeeze in this mini-torture session because the dealership finished up with the van earlier than we’d anticipated AND Michael was able to leave work to pick it up with me. I have no idea how the stars aligned for that one; it’s almost unthinkable that he didn’t have a meeting or something else unmissable on the agenda. He showed me a bar graph the other day of Central Engineering Activities. He had 185 out of 323 and the next closest person had 43. It’s a Christmas miracle that we ever see his smiling face. But anyway, he was able to leave and help.

The reason we had to do without the van a little longer than a day was because they were overnighting a new driver’s side seatbelt from Portland. Apparently it was the last one there. I was told that they’d never seen a seatbelt shredded in quite that manner but I can offer no clues as to how I accomplished that. One day it was a snag and a few years later it was a disaster. No excuses for waiting so long; seatbelt replacement is free. After we squared up with the cashier Michael gave me the green light to take off and he headed home to pick up Kenny. Perfect.

But of course not really. He waited at the front of the school because I didn’t know that he didn’t realize we always meet at the back. He texted me but of course my fingers were busy being prodded and painted. Kenny already asked to be able to walk home today, thinking I wouldn’t have the van, so he was set to hoof it. He wasn’t looking for his dad at all. Stephanie offered him a ride when she saw him and texted me to ask if it was alright but again my fingers were busy so I didn’t get that bit of information until way too late. Lots of confusion. *sighs*

But anyway, my toes are sort of cute and don’t so much resemble Mrs. Sasquatch anymore so there’s that.


  1. Where did you go so I can avoid that torture?

  2. Meow!! I love cats!! That's a cute kitty. What's its name?

    Are you able to do your own pedicures?


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