Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Magically Delicious!

Not a whole lot of luck ‘o the Irish around here this morning. Michael started out getting lucky; I actually woke up and made him a pot of Irish Oatmeal. She finally came through! No bacon though. Unfortunately, his luck wouldn’t hold out and on the way up a hill in the Hanford Reservation, his car died. And by ‘his car’ I mean my ’88 Honda Accord. My 18th birthday gift. That gasping heap of Japanese ingenuity that’s kept us free from car payments (and pride) for years.

I saw it sitting outside of McCue’s this evening as I drove from one McDonald’s to the other in search of a Shamrock Shake for Michael (which, by the way, no luck). I wonder if this is finally the end of the road for the little engine that could. And if it is, I wonder what our next move will be, because surely there’s no room in the budget for a car payment. Too bad, huh? Michael really ought to be driving something cool at this point.

I went to Winco this morning for a routine shopping trip and at some point realized that a) I meant to make corn beef and cabbage for dinner and b) I don’t have corned beef or cabbage. Also c) That I have no idea how to cook corned beef and cabbage. My phone and to the rescue; I found a recipe and picked up what I’d need. I was surprised that it really didn’t cost much.

Sierra showed me a recipe for rainbow cupcakes a week or so ago and asked if we could make them for St. Patrick’s Day. Of course I said Sure! because I had plenty of time. The truth is, I bought the cake mixes and frosting this morning and we spent quite awhile cranking them out. When I looked at the recipe I didn’t consider the time and talent involved in getting the batter divided into six bowls evenly and dyed, as well making sure 1/24th of each color made its way into each cupcake liner. And each layer smoothed out. Well anyway, it was fun to see how excited the kids and neighbors were to enjoy them and that’s the point. As I was working at it today I asked Sierra what was wrong with me, thinking it wouldn’t take long. She said, “It’s called Cupcake Fever”. I think she’s right.

Earlier this morning Tia posted that she was NOT going to wear green today. Not even lime green! That’s her signature color! Well, I made it clear that pinching was going down. Somehow. But how to accomplish it? Then it occurred to me: By proxy! I sent Sierra down with a load of cupcake and a message. “My mom has something for you!” and Sierra let her have it. Oh I love my neighbors!

Later in the day I started the corned beef. Honestly, I had no idea it was just boiled. How does it end up tasting so Magically Delicious? I should Google it or something. It took awhile so I decided to do myself a favor and clean something that would make a difference. Something I could look at the end of the day and say, “Hey! I did that!” Something that would stay done for more than 15 minutes. I chose my dresser. Start small, right? No. It took me two hours to sort through my jewelry, books on top, stuff in the drawers, and to attack all the filth and ear plugs that had accumulated under it. I wondered where they all went. I’ve been addicted to ear plugs since Day One with Michael. Even after the C-PAP machine, I still need them. And I digress. Continuously.

In the drawers I found things I sort of wonder why I keep but I ended up sticking them right back in when I was done. Items such as the last jar of Beech Nut baby food I ate at my Grandma Ruth’s house (November 16,, 1970) before we moved from Ohio to Washington. She actually kept it with a slip of paper inside that described what it was. She and Grandpa were pretty amazing archivists. I also found a plastic jar of 28 gallstones Dr. Trotta liberated from my malfunctioning gallbladder in 2002. What am I keeping those things for? A bracelet? *shudders*

When dinner time rolled around I braced myself for the reaction of the kids to a steaming bowl of cabbage and weird looking meat. As it turned out, they all liked the corned beef except Kenny. Josh liked it but kept calling it “chicken”. The cabbage didn’t go over very well but the red potatoes and carrots were eaten. So. I’d like to make the corned beef again but I wonder what I’d serve with it. I probably wouldn’t bother with the whole cabbage pretext again.

Michael says I’ve said enough for one night so good night lovelies. See you on Facebook.


  1. What do you think is Magically Delicious ?

  2. First - Those cupcakes look fabulous and I NEED the recipe!
    Second - I love Corned Beef and Cabbage, but I was a total slacker yesterday and didn't get the supplies to make it. I like taking a bite of the corned beef w/ a bit of cabbage at the same time. That way they really seem to complement each other. Hopefully I will be able to make it today - but of course after I help the girls with school, babysit my 3 year old nephew and 2 year old niece and help the girls along with 2 friends make their own board game....sigh, I am tired just typing it and I haven't even started doing it yet!

  3. Kristi makes corn beef and cabbage for Dave each year, I can't bring myself to join the tradition. (I would be the only one eating cabbage, not because I enjoy it, because I bought it and cooked it, so it MUST be eaten...)

    Brian asked his neurosurgeon if he could keep his tumor. I was thrilled when he told him no. But they did let him keep his old shunt, which he will pull out from time to time to show our ever patient company. Oh boy! We sound like a very old couple. Perhaps the shunt will "mysteriously" disappear. (And if you repeat this to him I will deny it all!)


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