Monday, March 15, 2010

I Should Get Paid for This

“It’s Ducks,” Michael said, when I asked what time it was a few minutes ago. 10:22 p.m.? How’d it get so late? Daylight Savings, for sure, but I don’t think it helped that I started the evening with a 5 p.m. dental appointment. It felt like Double Daylight Savings by the time I got home.

It’s been a long day of kids, kids, kids. Just like Daylight Savings, Conference Week really snuck up on me. I completely forgot that the elementary school kids would be off for most of the week. Ah well, you adjust, right?

I had three extra boys over today to help other friends with the day off and it was just as loud and crazy as you’d probably guess. Good thing the weather is fine and I could send them outside. They were a wild bunch today!

Eventually they went home and I headed over to Willamette Dental to get #8 worked over. An old filling needed replacing and I needed to put my feet up for awhile so it worked out pretty well. The hygienist did the honors of numbing my entire face but no biggie; front teeth are a bigger deal to shut down than other areas because there are more nerve endings there. I suppose that explains why eyeballs felt achy and throbbing. Maybe not. What I didn’t understand is why she came at me with the injection the way she did. Come to think of it, the dentist doesn’t do it any differently. I guess I’m just used to my dad’s sleight of hand.

I always wonder what he thinks of me when I’m sitting in the chair, kicking back. I wonder because in his odd, androgynous, kindergarten teacher –voice, he keeps asking if I’m okay. I don’t move a muscle and I don’t make a sound. Is he used to flinching? Fidgeting? “You’re about to feel vibrating”. And why does he always tell me this? I know what I’m feeling and it’s not vibrating. He’s drilling a hole into a rotting hole in my head. Please. I’m a big girl. I don’t need a play-by-play hand-holding session. Still, I won’t complain too much; he’s certainly not rough or anything. I did get a chuckle as I was leaving. The receptionist said we’ll see you next January! I wish. I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon with Sam to get his bifid front tooth extracted. That should be a real good time.

I came home to find that dinner was going. Bonus. I wasn’t feeling much like eating, what with my facial nerve endings still not quite cooperating. Instead I cleaned out the refrigerator so I could go after it with my new steam cleaner. Fantastic! It made short work of a few sticky situations. I love this thing! Which makes me wonder if I shouldn’t follow Ben’s lead and make my blog into some sort of Amazon store. I need to turn a buck on all this free advertising I’m doing!

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