Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Actually Home Today

Believe it or not, it’s the weekend and I’m home. Seriously. I’m not kidding. The first time in a month, I think.

Not that there weren’t other things we wanted to do. I was hoping to take Michael Jr. skiing for the last time this season but after car repairs this week, it felt like a bit much. We also considered going up to Spokane to the USA Volleyball Pacific Northwest Qualifier to see Jacqueline play but we opted out for the same reason.

Knowing we’d be home I made a last minute call on Thursday afternoon to see if it was too late to sign Sierra up for the Expand Your Horizons conference at WSU today. As luck would have it, there was room. This is a very cool thing for girls 6th -8th grade and we’ll definitely sign up next year. The girls get cool messenger bags with a calculator, paper, pen, etc. and they attend 4 or 5 workshops lead by women in different careers. There were several to choose from but I think since Sierra and her friends only decided at the last minute to go, their choices were determined by the girls who signed up and didn’t come.

At the end they were all asked to write down the name of the class they felt they got the most out of/ enjoyed the most. Sierra chose Mathematics. I do think if she could’ve gone to the class taught by the pilot, her answer would’ve been a little different. She seems to think that would be the way to go.

I think about careers and educational choices for her not infrequently. She’s interested in math and science as well as writing so I think she could be successful at whatever would interest her. What I’d like to do is help her find out what careers are more conducive to motherhood. There are more than one might think but it isn’t always obvious. I recently read a list of these types of jobs and Free Lance Writing came up first. I had to laugh; I’m sure those jobs aren’t easy to come by and enough to pay a real salary? I don’t know. The list didn’t mention Pharmacist and I thought that was a pretty good one. It pays well and a person could take shifts when it suits them. Still, I don’t think that’s for her. We’ll see I guess.

Her friends came home with us for the afternoon and I’m glad they did. Sierra’s been asking if they could have a sleepover for awhile now and I keep telling her that it isn’t going to happen until her room is clean. I even offered to help. The only stipulation was that she get all the dirty clothes to the basement and load up everything from the top of her desk, dresser, any flat surface into boxes I scrounged from the back of the 945 building. Yes, they say ‘Single-Use Vaginal Specula’ on them but whatever, they’re free. I can’t understand how this is a difficult request. It takes no thought and barely any effort. But could she do this over the course of the last several days? Absolutely she couldn’t.

It was, unfortunately, time to face the music and she wasn’t going to be able to do anything with the girls until it was done. But you know what? Instead of moaning and complaining, they all pitched in. Cranked the tunes and got it done. Wow! Now they’re enjoying “New Moon” and pizza; the perfect reward for these three. The boys aren’t impressed and their running commentary may get someone injured before it’s over.

Kenny had a soccer game this morning—the first one I’ve seen this season. Unfortunately we were playing a team that always creams us. They are good. And for whatever reason, the ref continually neglected to call offsides. Like Michael said, they aren’t at an age where they have real refs or that something like an offside offence is reliably called when it happens. It’s usually parents or friends calling the games and you get what you get. And even if offsides had been called, it wouldn’t have made a difference. We were going to lose. All of this made our coaches verbal fisticuffs, his yelling tirade across the field a little embarrassing. The last time we played them there was pushing and elbows flying. Eventually the coach just ended the game. I guess I could say we’re lucky this isn’t the norm.

Did you hear? Spring is here! I planted some of my succulents and bought three more. And I was so impressed with my frugality; I took one $2.99 pot of hen and chicks and split them up six ways. This is Awesome! What? You don’t think it’s completely awesome? Give it time; you’ll come around.

Well lovelies, I’m going to cut and run. I want to check out the new Grocery Outlet in Kennewick and as I’m craving wings, we’ll try out Wing Stop. And don’t get any crazy idea when I say “craving”! If you’ve ever had a fleeting thought, a passing wonder, the answer is that the suburban breeder phase is over and we’ve moved on to the next portion of the show where we laugh at people who become grandparents before us. Life is Good.

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  1. Wings? Do they have Buffalo Wild Wings up your way? Theirs are pretty good.


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