Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I May Just Stick with The Running

Michael told me I should stop running every morning, doubling up on the C25K days, and do some strength training or something else in between. I decided to give it a try this morning but I wasn’t exactly sure what else to try. I still don’t understand the Bow-Flex out in the garage but I did have a few workout video tapes in the back of a drawer somewhere. You read that right; video tapes.

I settled on a Tae-Bo workout and popped it in. Michael Jr. and Sierra sat on the couch behind me and the commentary began. It was awful. I don’t think I’d laid eyes on this since the late 90’s when I accidently round house-kicked Michael Jr. It was too hard to do with little kids under foot and now it’s too hard to do with big kid wise-cracks. But how could they not? I forgot how weird that video was. Billy Blanks in an embarrassingly tight royal blue unitard that kept exposing a nipple every so often. The only other male in the group had a creepy mustache and almost all the women wore only ill-fitting sports bras and leggings that exposed developing sweat stains, drawing attention to places your eyes would never have rested otherwise. I played along for awhile but eventually had to put an end to it. Later today I bought a Jillian Michael’s DVD. Maybe she can work some magic without giving me the creeps.

I had a real treat to look forward to this morning. An hour to myself, feet kicked up. Reasonably innocuous music in the background and I even fell asleep once. You see friends, I was getting my filling replaced. The Novocain’s worn off and it’s a little achy but all will be well very soon. Like Mindy wrote today, when you’re a mom, a trip to the dentist is like going to a spa. I also received the great news that an old filling needs replacing so I’ve got that to look forward to . . .

The weather has been freakishly fabulous. I’ve got to finish that basement debacle on the double so I can spend more time outside. There’s lots and lots to do there. And somehow I’ve got to control myself at the garden shops. I’m a shopaholic when it comes to plants in the spring. This year I vow to focus more on perennials in general and succulents specifically. I love picking out gorgeous annuals but this year they’re only going in the hanging baskets. Maybe. Oh, I don’t know.

Later this beautiful afternoon, Kenny had his first soccer practice of the season. Kenny isn’t exactly enamored by this whole soccer thing and it seems to be a result of certain teammates. I’m sure I mentioned it last season but there is a crier, several whiners, a grass-pulling space cadet, and the meanest ball hog I’ve ever seen. On the drive over Kenny began deriding a member of his team and although what he said was technically true, it wasn’t nice and I had to give the If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All speech. Of course that couldn’t be the end of it:

Kenny: “My teacher says it’s okay; I’m publishing. I’m supposed to use elaboration and detail in my antidotes.”

Me: “Your what?”

Kenny: “My ANTIDOTES. You know, my stories.”

Me: “ANECDOTES. Say it with me. ANECDOTES.”



  1. LOL - gotta love the kids and their "quotes"! I also got the new Jillian Michael's DVD. If I can ever get over this cold and cough, I am going to get right on it!


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