Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Hope Her Little Red Corvette Doesn't Smell Like Compost

Today was a lot of laundry and a lot of packing. When I think about it, I can’t be sure why it took so long. But it did. It always does. I mean the beach alone requires serious thought. Water jugs to wash off sandy feet. Kites. Sunblock. Coats. Sweatshirts. Sunglasses. Baby powder to remove more sand. Chapstick. Shovels and Pails. Changes of clothes. The list goes on. And the camera! Is the SD card empty? Is the battery charged? WHERE IS THAT LENS CAP???

Tia came down to visit today and I was finally able to see for myself. Oh my goodness. My poor Tia. On Saturday she could tell something was wrong with her eye. Before long it was her mouth. Not sure it wasn’t a stroke, Dean took her to the emergency room. Bell’s Palsy it turns out. She tells me she isn’t to expect much change for at least six weeks but it should clear itself up. Something like 20% of the time it doesn’t. She’s got such a good attitude, despite the awkwardness, embarrassment, and pain. She told me she’s collecting palsies. She already had cerebral palsy; why not add another? Poor thing. I just wanted to take it on for a few hours and give her a break. Let her enjoy eating something or go out without getting stares. I guess we can’t do that, can we? So I brought her a flower to plant and a card and pretended it made a lick of difference.

Well, enough of me making Tia feel even worse. Can you smell me from there? You’ll never guess what I did at 10 o’clock this evening! (Deena and David, you, you stay out of this!) It’s definitely something I’ve never done before and hope to never repeat. And it involved quarters. Give up?

I vacuumed copious amounts of mushroom compost out of my van. Are you familiar with mushroom compost? Yes, yes it does smell just like driving past Ostrom’s in Lacey.

I am so clever. I’d been thinking about what I could get for Deena because her birthday was on Sunday but we were going out tonight to celebrate her special day and Michael’s birthday tomorrow. Hmmm. What do you get a girl who got a red Corvette for her birthday? You get creative. I bought a big pot that I thought was kind of pretty and filled it with a geranium and a few trailing accents. You know, verbena, calibrachoa, bacopa. It should be very pretty in a few months. Dad put a hole in the bottom of the pot and helped fill it with mushroom compost he brought over for me. I did a little arranging and that was that.

We met Dave and Deena at Anthony’s for dinner tonight. Who would’ve thought we’d be in for a 40 minute wait at 5:30 p.m.? On a Tuesday? Who are these people? Besides us I mean. Anyway, the wait was unexpected and dinner was a little rushed but we left in time to go catch “The Bounty Hunter”. As we hurried over I wasn’t thinking at all about the big pot full of stuff sitting behind me. At all. I was thinking about the spots on my slacks from my leaky Mahi Mahi tacos and wondering if it would be disgusting to put lip gloss on that cold sore. That’s still there. A week later. It’s become some sort of parasite with a life of its own I fear. No, I wasn’t thinking about that pot.

Thump! One quick turn and the entire contents lie in a pile on the van floor. No sign of flowers.

Now if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember that on Saturday my mom and I spent an hour cleaning said van. Nuts! I kicked off my heels and climbed over the seat as Michael drove down the road. I scooped up handfuls of “dirt” (in these moments you pretend. You tell yourself it’s only dirt) and threw them into the pot. I rescued the flowers and arranged them as best I could. And it only got better. When Michael parked I fell forward and hit my head against the door. As luck would have it, I finally put a box of baby wipes back into the van yesterday so I had something to work with. Wasn’t enough to get compost out from under my nails but you know, it was better than nothing.

After the movie I passed the reorganized pot onto the ‘lucky’ couple and crossed my finger that it doesn’t do the same thing in her pretty car! Happy Birthday Deena!


  1. Baby powder to remove sand? Sounds like a nifty trick I may have to remember!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pot of flowers, they are now adorning my front porch and they look wonderful. They don't even show any wear and tear!


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