Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy Birthday Michael!

We got up at the crack of dawn this morning, packed up the van, and headed to Portland. Our trips west almost never head us down that route and I was excited about the drive. Admittedly, the first few hours are a snoozefest but there’s that last part full of beautiful basalt column cliffs and incredible waterfalls that make it worthwhile. While the older kids were engrossed in their gaming (because I gave in and let them use electronics in the car), Josh spent the trip staring out the window at barges, trains, the rocks and the falls. At least he gets it.

We drove to OMSI and bought ourselves a membership and an extra Omnimax Deep Sea ticket for Ellen. Yay! Ellen! We explored awhile until lunch then headed for the cafĂ© to get a bite to eat and wait for Ellen and the boys. I finally convinced Josh to take a bathroom break and when I came out the kids told me they just talked to Brother Simm. Huh? Sure enough, I see Geoff, Julie, and the kids. It’s a small, small spring break!

Ellen and her boys, Jackson and Cooper, found us and we ate and headed over to the “Deep Sea” IMAX show. I always get excited about doing things like that and then reality (read: “Josh”) hits. He was very involved in getting away from us, hitting and licking a glass wall dividing us from the IMAX reels. I’m getting sweaty and anxious just thinking about it. Once we were seated I think he did alright but when it was over he was off again, intent on escape. Why don’t I own a leash?

By the way, the movie was pretty cool.

After checking out the Science Playground with the little kids and the Space exhibit with everyone, we hit the gift ship and said our goodbyes. I sure wish we lived closer to the Lines but we do get to hang out again in a few more weeks—Corrina’s getting married! Shout Hooray!

We had some time so we headed to the hotel for awhile and then out to Vancouver for dinner with the Wilsons. Now friends, I’d never met Beckie and her family—she’s a high school friend of Michael’s, but you know how Facebook works. She’s been my friend for awhile. How cool to meet her husband, father, and son! And Beaches was a great restaurant, especially for the kids. The wait staff reminded me of really awesome babysitters; they made sure the kids were totally taken care of, even taking them to get sundaes and some “treasure” when dinner was done. The waitress had all their names down and came around every few minutes to be sure they were doing okay. Beckie’s Michael wouldn’t let us pay a dime but I was tempted to slip her a $20! The evening ended with birthday cake and singing—just what I know Michael would’ve loved avoiding but we just could not let that happen, could we? Not after the awful sombrero incident on my birthday! Thanks again Wilsons! We owe you three!

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