Monday, February 8, 2010

Why I Lose at Being A Facebook Friend, Etc.

I’m up late baking Blueberry Hot Bread for M.O.P.s tomorrow because I forgot it was my turn to bring something for the breakfast. Man I feel like a heel. About something entirely different though. How did I miss that Beckie is in Sanger? For her mother’s funeral? I am a bad friend. Most of the time I’m on Facebook I see just what’s on the Home page and it’s easy to miss what’s gone on hours before. Facebook’s added a whole new dimension to how I can neglect people. Actually going to people’s pages and having a look see is something I need to get better at. A somewhat less creepy version of cyber-stalking maybe. I’m so sorry Beckie. I pray you have peace in your heart and beautiful memories.


I was thinking about cyber-stalking yesterday. I saw that someone became a fan of something called “Who’s Looking at Your Profile? See For Yourself!”. At first I thought, “Ooooh! That might be interesting!” but almost immediately I remembered my credo: “I don’t need to know everything.” I live by this. There is just so, so much I don’t need to know. I mean really, if you wanted me to know how you felt about me, you’d just tell me, right? You may think I’m a moron but still check out my page several times a day just to see the depths of my inanity. A person could easily take the attention as something akin to deep, abiding love and affection and be just a little off-base. Nope, I don’t want to know who’s looking at my page.

Tonight I read George’s new blog and he asked for ideas for post topics. Something I mentioned was memories. I told him he ought to write down things so he doesn’t forget. A few minutes ago I sat down to write and out of nowhere the memory of boxes of McDonaldLand cookies came to mind. Weird. I can’t even begin to think of the last time I had those. I mentioned it on Facebook and within minutes several friends had something to say on the subject. When Brooks replied that they weren’t as tasty as the deep-fried cherry pies, it reminded me of another memory . . .

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I mean in Lacey, WA, I was a child of the 70’s. And children, back in the olden days, we actually celebrated Lincoln AND Washington’s birthday’s. Although legislation was passed in 1968 and enacted in 1971 to create a Monday off called “President’s Day”, we were still getting both off when I was a kid in elementary school a few years later. One year on Washington’s birthday my mom took us to McDonald’s and if memory serves, we were joined by a few neighbor families as well. The big deal was 10 cent cherry pies. Mom bought several and froze them and oh my, were they yummy. Those baked apple pies of modern times just can’t hold a candle to them.

So there you go. There’s a memory. And traditions! A person ought to write about that sort of thing. Yesterday on our drive back we played a game in the car that has become even more brutal since the advent of the iPhone and the Shazam app. I love the Shazam app. If you aren’t already aware, it allows you to “tag” songs you hear on the radio, on the TV, over the speakers while you’re waiting for your doctor in a paper gown, whatever. In moments you have the song’s title, the artist, lyrics, etc. Almost seems too easy when I think of the grubbing I had to do to find out things like this when I was younger. But anyway. Here’s the game: The radio goes on and I have to name the artist and the title (before it’s mentioned in the lyrics). If I get both, it’s 1 point but ONLY if Michael can’t name them. If he can name them than it’s declared Too Easy and doesn’t count. Don’t ask who I’m playing against. I haven’t figured that out. Myself? So anyway, the kids sit in the back and tag songs and dole out points. Yesterday I started off right away with a point: “Hard to Handle” by The Black Crowes. Easy but not Too Easy. Next I really blew it because it was the song “Easy” but I said Lionel Richie and that, my friends, does not count. Sierra said, “Nope, it’s the “Komodo Doors”. Huh? Um, that would be The Commodores. Oh well, 1 for 2. “Wild Thing” by Tone-Loc was Too Easy, as was “Legs” by ZZ Top, but I did get points for “Better Man” by Pearl Jam, “Ventura Highway” by America, “I’ll Wait” by Van Halen, and “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon (HOW did my husband not get this? Isn’t that like the #1 make-out song? Maybe that’s just in my mind). I forget how many I missed because I couldn’t tell who sang it. For example, I could sing every line of “Brandy” but I couldn’t tell you it was performed by Looking Glass. Or oh, oh, oh, it’s “Magic” you know…I didn’t know the band was Pilot. We drove through Richland scarring our kids for life singing “Feel Like Makin’ Love” but I totally forgot it was by Bad Company (Michael knew that one!).

So friends, here’s a glimpse at my life. This is almost the very definition of T.M.I., isn’t it;)?


  1. I LOVED the cherry pies. Recently tried one of those baked apple pies. Yuck! I'm actually glad those fried cherry pies don't exist anymore. I'm not sure I could ever drive past a McDonalds if they still had them.

  2. Oh, I would totally loose at that game. I can sing every word to almost every song on the radio - but I could never tell you who sang it or even what the title is...I think it's because I never bought CD's (or tapes before the CD's came out) and they don't always mention the artist on the radio...oh well, another thing that my kids will always be better than me at!

  3. I am just like Deena on that one! I never know the names of the songs! I never thought about it, but I guess it is because I never bought records, cassettes, or cds! Now I tell my daughter (while listening to the radio) "I like that song, will you get it for me on itunes?" Great game though, my daughter plays the same game too... by herself (she is the only one who knows the titles and artists).


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