Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where's My Lasso of Truth?

I’ve slipped into our bedroom to escape some insanity and write for a few minute. Sierra is studying Greek mythology (aside from the whole Percy Jackson obsession) and has an assignment to put on a play about Damon and Pythias. I’m not sure how kids with only a sibling or two could pull this off but she’s got all the boys except Michael Jr. all dressed up in costumes and practicing their lines. Serious community theater going on. Got to wrap it up though and get dinner moving; “Couples Retreat” came in the Netflix envelope today and I’m excited to curl up on the couch with Michael and some popcorn and see it again. I need a quiet night if it’s available.

I had an excellent morning, thanks for asking. Tia and I walked to the library and she bought me a hazelnut hot chocolate at the little coffee shop inside. I need to go to the library more. It’s quiet and beautiful and it’s got outlets and Wi-Fi for my laptop. I’m not entirely sure what I’d be there writing but it seems dreamy. Now if it were just MY library and I could sit there in my fluffy robe and curlers in my hair, it would be perfect. Not that I actually put curlers in my hair. But I think I still have some of those pink soft ones. I wonder if Sierra would hold still for them? Probably not. But I digress.

Back to the library. It was so peaceful. Tia says she likes to bring the boys and her laptop when she feels like the walls are closing in on her. I feel that way a lot lately. I’ve taken on too many things and there aren’t enough hours in the day. I was talking to Tia about some of these things because she’s full of Awesomeness and Listening Skills. She told me about a similar conflict she had years ago and she said, “We have enough opportunities to be stressed out without adding extra things.” Or something to that effect. Opportunities? I love it! Only Tia is optimistic enough to refer to life’s irritations as opportunities. But everything’s an opportunity, one way or the other, I guess. I’ve got to spend some time thinking about what I can put off for awhile and what needs my attention now.

Which is super-annoying for me. I just want to do it all. ALL. Everything I need to do, everything I feel like doing, everything folks feel I should be doing. I’m somewhat lukewarm about the last category. I’m not as much of a people pleaser as I may be perceived to be. Still, I like to help when I can. Don’t like to make life more difficult for anyone. But guess what? Oh. You already knew? Yeah, I’m not Wonder Woman. I would look horrifying in that outfit but I could probably benefit from her Lasso of Truth.

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  1. Your words speak the truth of my soul! I have been in a "put it off" kind of mode for the last week or so. Life would be so simple if I only had to please myself and my immediate family - it is everyone else's expectations that put so much pressure on us moms!


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