Monday, February 15, 2010

What a Man

We woke up with only some of us coughing and the stomach troubles seem to be mostly gone. Thank goodness; we simply do not have enough bathrooms for this sort of thing.

I had big plans today. I started with the entry way table and grabbed everything that had accumulated there for the past several days and sat down to sort it all. The last thing I came to was a birthday party invitation for Sam. Darn it! I’d already told the mother of the birthday boy that we’d be there but between receiving the invitation last week and looking at it this morning, it’d completely slipped my mind. Change of plans. Michael and I ran to Fred Meyer and searched the toy department aisles for something a 6 year old would enjoy. We settled on a Hot Wheel set until we noticed the 50% off Clearance tables. For about the same price we found a solar-powered r/c car. It looked like something Al Gore himself would choose but we bought it anyway. One hour in the sun = 5 minutes of play time. There’s a life lesson right there. Yes Mr. Obama, you are correct. We cannot overnight convert to an all solar, all wind economy. Or ever. But don't listen to me because a) I digress and b) I'm a nuclear power groupie.

At home I rummaged through my collection of gift bags and not one of them was the right size or occasion for that matter. My gift wrap was all feminine or Christmas. Darn it again! I did have a roll of brown craft paper and some ribbon so I made do with that. It looked like I wrapped it in a grocery sack. So. We’ve got a green gift wrapped in what looks like a very recycled manner. We don’t know this family well and I thought it was kind of funny that our gift made this sort of eco-friendly statement about us. Because honestly, we’re sort of eco-neutral. Not that we don’t care. We would never, never admit to that. But seriously, either way we probably wouldn’t use a child’s birthday party to run some agenda anyway. No, we’re just thrifty.

Well dear friends, this party was at Chuck E. Cheese’s. This is a place I avoid at most costs. It feels like Las Vegas for children. My head spins when I think of the money flying out of our pockets and the 1980’s state-of-the-art animatronic creatures and d├ęcor completely freak me out. It’s loud and bright and it just gives me the creeps but you know what? My little kids love it. Which is, of course, no surprise. It’s one of those once-in-a-great-while things we do, usually just for other kids’ birthdays. Michael and I brought Josh too and he had a great time. And it turned out to be not entirely horrible for me because although I didn’t get done half of what I hoped to today, I did get to just sit back and talk with Michael and Sam’s best friend’s mom for quite awhile. Michael took Josh around to do some of the games too and let me sit in relative peace. I think we think of the big gestures when we want to show our love but let me tell you, this is the sort of thing that floats my boat. Additionally, I appreciate when he:

1) Bathes, reads to, prays with, and tucks in the boys so I can get something else accomplished.
2) Tells me to take a nap without implying he’d appreciate a few minutes away from me.
3) Cooks chile verde, pot stickers, or really anything for that matter.
4) Makes the kids clean when I’m gone.
5) Rubs my feet.
6) Helps me move furniture.

Just for the record. Also, all of which he did this weekend despite being sick.

But where was I? Oh yes, Chuck E. Cheese’s. Well anyway, it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated but it was interesting to people watch. To my shock and awe, not everyone was there for a party. Some people actually just go there. To eat that pizza. And play those games. I just can’t imagine. I think my kids would have more fun going to the park with some friends and then blowing $10 at the dollar store. You’d sure get more for your money.

When we got home Michael turned right around and took the oldest four to see the new Percy Jackson movie and left me home to take nap with Josh and fold three days worth of laundry. I should have added that to the list. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!


  1. I love the small things too. I dont always need presents and cards..I need the simple sleeping in, getting my back tickled, having him make sure the kids clean up before they go to bed, when he takes a kid out of my arms to help me...I think those are the things that remind me that Im loved, anyone can buy a gift or send flowers. (I do like those things) but I have come to the conclusion that those things dont define us. So my hat goes off to Michael. Salt n' pepa did say it best....What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!

  2. Title sounds like a Salt n' Pepa song. :)

    As for Upchuck E. Cheese, once was enough for me!!

    Go Michael for stepping it up!!! Whoot!!


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