Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tivo is a Many Splendored Things

George talked about his Tivo tonight and it reminded me of how very much I adore our Tivos. I love watching stuff when I feel like it. Have I ever told you about the first time we used our Tivo? Probably. Anyway, we got it for Christmas from Tom in 2004. We weren’t smart enough to know we wanted one so it sat in the box for a bit. Finally, one Saturday Michael set it up. The day before the Super Bowl. I remember very clearly sitting in the basement of the “A” house we were renting and watching that game. And seeing Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, and the wardrobe malfunction that would rock a nation. I thought I was seeing a Chinese throwing star on her chest. I looked at Michael and said, “Did that just happen?”. Then in dawned on us that we could rewind and make sure that really happened. Oh yeah. That really happened. So obviously we had to rewind a few more times to be sure it was on purpose, that it wasn’t a throwing star, etc. You know. In the name of Science or Accuracy or something. It was the most replayed moment in the history of TV. Though maybe the whole Kanye and Taylor debacle changed that. That definitely required multiple viewings.

Today was a big day. Free Grand Slams at Denny’s till 2 p.m. Not a big day for me personally but I do so enjoy watching those folks stand in line for their free breakfasts. We live just a block or two away (doesn’t that sound awful or very urban or something?) from the local Denny’s and folks were lined up when I ran by this morning. I wonder what the wait was like. Writing about Denny’s is reminding me of Sambo’s. There used to be one in Lacey and I’m salivating thinking of delicious French toast and syrup. In 1999 (I think) Michael and I took a trip by ourselves. An actual trip. It hasn’t happened since. We went to Ruben Navarrette’s wedding in Santa Barbara and among other very cool things, we went to the original Sambo’s restaurant. As far as I know, it’s the only one left. I never understood the name. I guess it was after the book “Little Black Sambo” but was Indian? I have no idea. I hear the name now and it sounds overtly racist but my memories are just of a tiger and really tasty breakfast.

Oh dear ones, I think I must hit the sack. I really must. It’s been One of Those Days. I didn’t get a whole lot done that really needed doing and there was so, so much bickering. When Michael Jr. was done with school today he decided to build an electric guitar-type thing out of one of the Lego Mindstorms kits we have. Great, right? Nice to see your kid have interests. Not so nice to see the other children whine and complain to use it. *sighs* Additionally, I found myself still working with a particular middle schooler on math and an essay well into the evening. Tomorrow promises to be full of more of the same but maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in a walk and hot chocolate with Tia. I totally need it.


  1. The Denny's thing was crazy! I drove by there and saw the line out the door this morning after taking the kids to school. It reminded me of last year. We were living in Boston and had been snowed in for awhile, so when we heard about the free breakfast, I thought it was the perfect excuse to get out of the apartment. I loaded up all the kids in the middel of a snow storm and we drove about an hour to the nearest Denny's so that we could wait in line for an hour, just to get a $2.99 meal for free - totally silly, but great memories!

  2. Ok, so this one made me laugh out loud! I had to comment again (I hope I don't get put in that stalker category!). We also had just gotten satelite tv right before that superbowl game! And, wow, I had to finally take the remote away from my husband because he kept rewinding. Sooo funny. Anyway, my kids and I were discussing this year about the halftime entertainment that they have had the past few years and decided that the committee is afraid that getting "young" entertainers is dangerous business for G rated television.


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