Sunday, February 21, 2010

She's Done Combing Through Knots

These are photos of Sierra before the haircut yesterday and after. The after isn't a great shot of the hair but I can’t believe the difference.

It was a last minute suggestion. I sat combing her hair earlier in the day and as she yelled through most of it, I asked her if she’d like to get it cut. Please.

She wasn’t sure; she sort of liked the idea of long hair. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have normal hair. Even I never had hair this evil and I have some thick, crazy, horse hair. Her hair was so awful that despite using good shampoo and conditioner, I would still have to be the one to sit for fifteen minutes a day carefully combing through cotton candy-like knots at one side of the back of her head. It was the strangest thing. And no 11 ½ year old wants their mom doing that to begin with. Definitely a bone of contention between us.

So anyway, did she want it cut? She guessed it would okay. With that we walked down the street to Atarah for a $6.99 special. She told one of the ladies what she wanted and this wise young woman thinned her hair as well. It was kind of funny to me that when we left she told me she was concerned that Sierra might not have much of a social life as she’s homeschooled. Sierra told her we go to church and it turns out she grew up in the same ward. I wouldn’t have guessed with the two-toned hair, piercings, tatoos, and sleeveless shirt but hey, you never know. She did a great job on Sierra’s hair and when she woke up this morning and she could actually comb it herself. I’ll have to help her a bit if she chooses to straighten it but not dealing with knots? Priceless.

Sierra had extra time this morning and helped me get the boys ready for church. While we were dressing Josh the phone rang. That is NEVER a good sign on a Sunday morning. Sierra ran to get it as her dad yelled, “Don’t Answer It!”—too late. It’s for Mom.

Josh’s teacher wasn’t feeling well; could I help in his class? *sighs* Sure. I get it. People need help. The problem is that next week when things are back to normal, guess who won’t want to go to class without Mom? And we were just getting into the swing of Primary with him. Oh well.

Instead of a seat of his own, Josh was on me during Junior Primary. It could have been worse; in an unprecedented display of deliciousness, on her last day in the ward Sister Byrd brought cookies and the Primary presidency brought Rice Krispy treats. I shouldn’t have actually had any but how could I say no to that cute little guy shoving them in my face? Like I even tried.

April and another mom also helped Lou Rae in class today. It was a good thing too; there are so many of these three year olds! On top of that, Angela Stevens is now a Sunbeam (what we call our 3 year old class) and it helped to have one person sit by her wheel chair, stroke her hair, things like that. It was only her second week and it was interesting to see the children’s response to her. They smiled at her and carefully touched her. I’m not sure they get that she’s one of them but they will soon enough. I think it was upsetting for her when they got a little loud but other than that she did fine. Sitting by her today made up for the aggravation next week will be when Josh thinks I belong in Primary too. But who knows? Chances are someone will call me next Sunday morning anyway.


  1. LOVE the hair! I really need to go get Marissa and Brynn's cut too - it has been over a year and they are bugging me to get it done! Maybe I will have time to get it done while David is in Boston this week...

  2. I take my family to Atarah as well and know exactly who you are talking about. I have to admit, I've been considering coloring my hair lately but when I look at theirs.......I'm a little nervous. The one girl you mentioned looks like a skunk (Justin told me so!) and the other one looks like she got her head caught in the red crayon maker at the crayola factory. Hmmmmm......things to consider when considering making a change. And who was she to think you needed her opinion anyway?

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Atarah. I should've taken Emily there to get her hair cut... next time. Thank you for helping in Primary we REALLY appreciate it. I loved Sierra's hair on Sunday. I should have said something to her about it, but I was very focused on Sharing Time. Please tell her I think it looks great and she looks a little older (in a good way).


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