Friday, February 19, 2010

She Needs to Stop Thinking About Spudnuts and Fancy Cheese

I woke up later than I should have this morning. Late enough that I knew I had to forgo the running if I was going to get everyone out the door in time for Morning with Mom at school. Once a year there’re donuts for the moms and kids in the gym before school starts and it’s not to be missed (there’s a Donuts with Dad day too). Actually, I wouldn’t mind missing it because they aren’t Spudnuts or anything but the kids have fun and I get to spend a few minutes talking with my friends. It’s called Morning with Mom but my boys use it as an opportunity to meet up with their gangs of friends and act like a bunch of goofs, as usual. It’s great. My favorite part this morning was watching Sam’s face as a cute little girl walked by him and his best friend. She said, “Hi Sam!” and smiled at him. He turned bright red as she turned to her friend and said, “I chase him at recess”. I’m not entirely sure why his response was to whisper, “Child Abductor!” to his friend but it’s Sam and I’ve learned not to bother questioning what comes out of his mouth.

But where was I? Oh yeah, I wasn’t going to run. Michael told me I was going to run (something like he told me I was going to blog tonight when I said I was just too tired—he’s definitely the motivator I need!) so I did it anyway. He got the kids ready for school and I just had to Just Do It and shower. I’m just doing it alright but I made the mistake of looking ahead two weeks to week #5 of this C25K thing. Big mistake.

This thing has gone along pretty predictably. An increase in the running each week but each day of the week has been the same. Then comes week #5. I’m expected to go from running a max of 8 minutes (with short intervals of walking) at a time to 25 minutes. Straight. I know that sounds like I’m being a baby to all of you runners out there (because I am, obviously) but my calves are seizing at just the thought of it. I do not know how this is going to work out.

After the Morning with Mom, I met Tia for a walk. Not much of one; we ended up at The Spudnut Shop. I love The Spudnut Shop. The donuts are the best ever but the atmosphere is great too. There’s always something going on. This morning there was some hubbub because someone took someone else’s donut order sitting on the ledge as you walk in. You just don’t take people’s Spudnuts, you know? Maybe the grocery store variety from Morning with Mom but not Spudnuts. It’s just not right. Anyway, Tia and I had our weekly Meeting of the Minds until she reminded me that I actually had a kindergartener to go pick up. How could I forget that? I blame the Spudnuts.

(If you’re not a local, the gal in the photo with Sarah Palin is Val Driver, the owner of The Spudnut Shop.)

I wrote earlier about hot lunches and the mystery of how the kids eat the half oranges. Today I had lunch with Kenny and asked the kids. They showed me how they squeeze them and pulverize them with their sporks. Juicy, sticky, mess. Just as I thought. I wonder why they don’t cut the oranges into 1/6ths or 1/8ths and serve them that way? It would take more time to cut them but it would waste less food and plus there’s the additional bonus of being able to put them in your mouth for an orange grin.

This afternoon Michael Jr. left for the Klondike Derby with the Scouts. Finally. It’s almost all he’s talked about for weeks. The boy loves camping and I can understand that. But SNOW camping? I can’t wrap my head around it. The idea of sleeping in a snow cave just doesn’t do it for me. What does make me very pleased it that he packed up himself. Didn’t bug me for any help at all aside from asking me to borrow some ski goggles for him. I live for those little signs that he’s growing up. Now to change the subject entirely because if I keep thinking about my kid sleeping in the snow, I may not get to sleep tonight.

Tonight we went to dinner with David and Deena to celebrate David’s birthday and guess what? No, not chicken butt. We didn’t even sing to him! Or have cake! Not even a sombrero slapped on his head and a round of “Happy Birthday” in Spanish by the waitstaff. How did he avoid that? Probably because we were at Casa Mia but still. We didn’t even have dessert which is almost shocking. We did enjoy a delightful Stilton with mango and ginger. Cheese Louise is definitely my new favorite place around here. Aside from The Spudnut Shop of course!

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  1. Yes, I am definatly going to become a frequent shopper/hanger-out-er at Cheese Louise!


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