Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poor Kenny

Last night Kenny woke us up. Kenny never wakes us up so you can guess where this is going. His right ear was killing him and he was in tears. Nuts. I dug around for something to help him out and settled on some Tylenol. For grown folks. I know, I know. I was desperate. He took awhile figuring out how to swallow the pill and then headed back to bed.

In the morning he was in agony again so I threw on some clothes and drove him into Group Health in Lacey. Most people I’ve met who have Group Health don’t love it but I wonder if people here realize how good they have it? No need to locate a doctor who accepts Group Health or to head to a Doc in the Box or the ER after hours. They have a beautiful building down the road from St. Peter’s Hospital with an urgent care clinic and we’ve never had to wait long. And the pharmacy’s right in the building. To top it off, there was no charge for Kenny’s antibiotics. It sure made a Bad Situation much more handleable. I guess that’s not a word but whatever.

This afternoon Michael, Mom and I drove over to Jason’s Greenhouse to look for a few fruit trees for Dad. They only just opened for the season but had a nice little selection of succulents and Michael bought me several. I can’t wait! I might be good at this! I wonder if people ever put them in window boxes? Is that weird? Probably. I have more studying to do and ideas to steal.

I slept the afternoon away with an awful headache. The nap didn’t stop the pain but it still felt nice to escape and pass out for awhile. When I woke up and came out of the room, Michael Jr. asked, “Mom, can I make and atlatl?”

*fake blank stare*

“What do you plan to put in it? A spear? A dart? Who’s your victim?” This boy forgets the useless information that inhabits my brain. When it dawned on him that I knew what he was talking about he smiled and tried to convince me it was just for target practice. And it probably was but still. Mom knows stuff.

Not enough though. A few minutes ago Sam asked if we could go to a dollar store. As he’s unfolding a dollar bill and fondling it. “Where’d you get that?” I asked suspiciously.

“Remember the money you gave me yesterday?”

“To tip the lady who cut your hair?”

“Yeah! I wanted to keep a dollar.”


I confiscated the loot and he pouted a little. I had to explain to him that this was the same as stealing. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t his. His response? Pointing to a picture of a dinosaur he just drew he said, “Do you like this picture? I’ll sell it to you for $10.”


I can feel that headache coming back.


  1. Once again, do not let your kids talk to mine! They might get ideas! They might actually work on grandparents (selling pictures). Yeah, that's something my kids wanted to do for the last couple summers. Instead of a lemonade stand they would sit by the side of the road with a cardboard box and try to sell their art work. Who are their parents anyway?! Hippies?!

  2. Glad Kenny is feeling better. Earaches are so hard on littlekids!

  3. Poor Kenny! Paige had repeated ear infections as an infant until we got the tubes in her ears.
    As for the succulents in the window boxes. Try Portulaca. They flower nicely.


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