Saturday, February 13, 2010

One More Project

Maybe I should find a way to get up very early in the morning and write before anyone wakes up. It would require a reasonable bedtime so it’s practically out of the question but I might be more alert if I wrote at the beginning of the day instead of at the end. I’m so tired by the end of the day and I’m kind of tired of being tired, you know?

This morning I decided that the weather was so nice that we really needed to take a walk. To the Spudnut Shop and then maybe to the library. We could pretend that’s enough walking to burn off a spudnut. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, there weren’t any spudnuts left. That’s always a downer. Anyway, we were left to walk around the corner to Some Bagels. They’re good too but you know, not a spudnut or anything. So much for my concern that I’d never eat again; I finished up not only my own bagel but what was left of Josh’s and Sam’s. Why does it seem like such a waste to throw food away? I mean it is but is it really better off in my stomach? Here’s a hint: NO.

The library was great. If you live here, you know we have a new, Super-Fabulous library. Now it has a little coffee shop right inside and I bought Michael and I hazelnut hot cocoas. So very good and you can take them into the library, too.

And now it’s late. I’ve got Valentine’s stuff all finished, the cake is cooling as are the heart-shaped sugar cookies waiting for some pink frosting and sprinkles. The heart-shaped pizzas for lunch are in the fridge (how did I not know they were way cheaper at Winco? Next year!) and the things I need to make a few Chinese dishes for dinner are ready too. I don’t think I remember ever having Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day all rolled into one.

But I’m not writing to elucidate the fact that I’m going all out and I’m totally on top of things. You know me way better than that. Because as usual, I’m all in and things are on top of me.

I decided I’m going to create a better work area for the kids in the basement. Yay! New project I have no time for! But it’s important, right? Absolutely it is. Anyway, it required the removal of the table and chairs and soon my cedar chest will join them in the garage. It sounds like an awful place for it but it’s far better than the basement that has the occasional flooding issues. I have several ideas (cue the Ominous Music) but some bit of understanding that this will take me a week or so. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that. And unfortunately, I’m going to have to make a bit of a mess before it’s all said and done. Who am I kidding? It’ll be a complete disaster before any progress will be noticeable to the naked eye.

I think I can do it though. I just feel sort of bad that I don’t have any better place for the table and chairs and the cedar chest. The dining room set is the same one I grew up sitting around. It’s solid and will last forever. I just figured that eventually I’d have a good place for it. If Niecy Nash from “Clean House” was here it would probably have a For Sale sign on it in the front yard. Sentimentality is getting me nowhere fast. And I’m really not a very sentimental person. I feel I should be. I am a woman and all. But no, it doesn’t come naturally. There’s just something about that silly table.

Then there’s the cedar chest. It takes up space I don’t have but it’s important and I’ll never part with it unless it’s to give it to Sierra. My great-grandfather Raymond Arnold made it and back in the day, he was known for cedar chests he built in Southern Ohio. I’m lucky to have it. But where does it go? The garage for now. What else is a three-car garage for if not a rent-free storage unit? Cars? I wish. There hasn’t been room for one since we moved in. The massive garage clean out will be fodder for another mind –numbing post one day!


  1. I understand about being tired of being tired!!! You better get some rest or you'll end up sick like Michael.

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  3. I hate going into the spudnut shop just to find out that they have run out of the kind of doughnuts that I want - for heaven's sake, I am usually there at 8:30 in the morning! Oh well, maybe it is a sign that I shouldn't have one anyway - never thought of going to get a bagel that's another thing I will have to try not to do! ;)


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