Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Super Bowl Sunday

Day Three of sleeping way later than normally possible. Mission accomplished. Mom served up The Greasy Breakfast (this generally consists of eggs, pork products, some manner of fried potatoes, English muffins/toast/bagels, fruit, and if you’re lucky and we are, Tom’s Bagel Sandwich—toasted bagels with cream cheese, avocado, bacon, and tomato) and we plowed our way through it. Had be quick about things this morning; we wanted to be home before the Super Bowl started.

Dad always sends us on our way with at least a cooler full of stuff. Because there are seven of us and we haven’t moved up to the Partridge Family bus, there’s really no room for it. Being ingenuity personified, he uses bungee cords and ropes and secures them in such a way that it would take an Act of God to separate them from the van without opposable thumbs. No stiff breeze, Chinook, trade wind, squall, gale force wind, or monsoon for that matter, will keep me from my vegetable soup and pork ribs. This time Dad outdid himself by building a pine box to protect the pizza we bought yesterday! I would’ve just shoved it under a seat and called it good but he had other ideas. No one can pack up a vehicle like my dad. Hands down, he’s the King of the Bungee.

As we waved goodbye Dad said, “Thanks for coming!” and Kenny yelled back, “And thanks for leaving!”—I was glad he could leave his Grandpa with a laugh.

I drove as far as North Bend and would have gone further but certain parties needed to use the facilities. At that point Michael wanted to drive so we switched seats. As we were backing out to leave the Mt. Si Shell Station, I looked out to see two kids and I smiled at them. I looked up to see their dad coming around the back of their car and Oh My Gosh! It’s Jon Clemens! I haven’t seen Jon since our 20th reunion the summer before last! I jumped out and gave him a hug and Michael took a picture. What a small world.

Michael got us home in plenty of time. We baked the pizza and warmed up the wings and cheesy dip. Good stuff. The game was interrupted for a bit by a phone call from our dear friend Rick Nelson in New Hampshire—The Nelson’s are coming to visit in June or July! Yay! We haven’t seen Rick and Elizabeth in a very long time and it’s been even longer since we’ve seen the kids. I wonder what we can show them while they’re here?

Tonight George sent me a message to say I've inspired him to start a blog/journal (blogary? journalog?) like me. That sure made my day. I've had such fun writing all My Stuff down. The "Oh Yeah! That Happened!" moments are a constant companion when I go back and reread old posts so I'm glad I'm jotting it all down before I completely lose my marbles. Have you thought about doing this? If you can commit to writing even just a little each day, I know you'll be glad you did. Even if it's only for you, it's a pretty cool exercise.

Well anyway, tomorrow starts The Routine again. Kenny is feeling much better so it looks like it’ll be a normal day. Whatever that means . . .


  1. I'm completely loving the blogging thing. Today's post was #50 and I'm still interested! In addition to the posts that are posted daily, I have a few that are living in "draft" form in my account. They may be reworked for public view in the future but for now they're there as my personal journal entries. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. I need to get started again. I kept a very complete list of a lot of the stuff we did while we were in Boston with tons of photos. I only blogged 3-5 times a week, but it is so amazing to go back and read it now! I really need to get my craft one going again - and yes, a blogary would be good too...I need a good name for mine - any ideas???


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