Thursday, February 4, 2010

Late in Yelm

I woke up in the clothes I wore to church last night. Having not yet broken Josh of the Family Bed thing, I lay down beside him when we got back last night and asked Michael to come check on us in a little bit. I was sure I’d be asleep before Josh. And I was. And so was Michael out on the couch. By the time 6 a.m. rolled around we had Sam and a cat in bed too. Sam came in at some point to tell us he’d had a dream that some lady told him she had to kill him. When you’re five, that’s the end of sleeping alone for the night.

C25K Update: Week 1 Day 2 for the second time. Because I’m a slow learner. I think I’m just going to do each day twice because it suits me. I KNOW it’s not part of the program but I’m enjoying the fresh air and alone time. What I’m not enjoying is jogging in place like a weirdo when I get to the light at Williams and George Washington Way. It’s probably just set this way for traffic headed out to The Area but I always seem to be running when I get to that intersection and the light always seems to be red. I guess I could push the Pause button. Never thought of that before.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. I suppose it’s his 66th. I lost track after 60. Isn’t that awful? I guess I just think of the man as timeless. Anyway, last weekend Michael and I talked about maybe surprising him and showing up this weekend. We do it every so often and it’s seems to brighten his Seasonal Affective Disordered self. We talked to Mom and she thought it was a great idea so we took off after work tonight.

It was an interesting drive. I don’t love doing it in the rain or the dark but it was entertaining. It began with Sierra and Michael describing what they were seeing on FailBlog and continued with more of what I always do. The kids are starting to recognize certain artists when I quiz them but they’re funny because they try to make me guess. As if I don’t know what’s on my playlist. Also, they’ll know who’s singing but will say things like, “Oh, it’s Jamie Foxx!” when it’s Kenny Logins. Things like that. And quit laughing! I unabashedly love Kenny Logins! And listening to him in the car made me think of “Method and Red” and how Neighbor Lady loved Kenny Logins. Which reminded me of “Knights of Prosperity” because it’s another short lived show that I loved. Which reminded me of “Modern Family” because SofĂ­a Vergara is in that too (I LOVE her!) and hoped it would still be on the Tivo when we get home. My mind is a scary place to be sometimes. Very, very little linear thought.

So anyway, I’m driving along, minding my own business (no I wasn’t) when I told Michael he ought to Friend Henry Franklin. His wife is extended family and Michael liked a photo Henry posted the other day. I guess I’ll use it as the blog photo today. I didn’t put it on my Facebook profile because honestly, I hate the conflict. Michael, on the other hand, doesn’t mind stirring the pot. He posted that picture to his profile and immediately he had something going on. It kept him busy the whole ride over. Good times.

Twenty two comments later and we’re here in Yelm, safe and sound. We surprised Dad watching a show about making Wonder Bread in HD. We don’t have an Awesome TV like that and seeing some folks in HD made me think maybe that’s okay. Wow. You really do see Everything.

Time to hit the sack dearhearts.

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