Friday, February 5, 2010

The Facebook Person

Wow! How is this not April or May? I can’t believe I’m in Western Washington in early February and had no need for a coat. All day. The sun was shining and I could see the mountain clear as day. Well, not all of it or anything, but what I saw was beautiful.

Raisin Nut Bran was the first thing on my mind this morning (sorry Michael) and I helped myself to a heaping bowl. But wait. There was also a bag of bagels from Panera, a bowl of avocados and tomatoes, and a note from my mom telling me to fry up the bacon in the fridge. Could I really eat breakfast twice?


I did Week 1 Day 3 while Michael fried up the bacon and what a difference it was running out in the country. First of all, the air smelled much better*. Second, I can sing out loud along with the Ting Tings and probably no one hears a thing. Probably. I hope. Third, conifers. What? I don’t know, I just need more conifers in my life. But anyway, it was good and hey, if anyone out there is an aluminum can collector, run, don’t walk, to Solberg Road because man, are those ditches loaded.

Michael and I drove into town after The World’s Best Bagel Sandwiches and he humored me as I picked out some fabric at Gee Gee’s. Michael wanted a bag for his lunch containers and I made that tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to make myself something seriously Fabulous with the sugar skull print I picked out. I mean it’ll just be a grocery tote but still.

From there we headed to Walmart for deodorant because I packed for Michael and that ALWAYS leads to a trip to Walmart for things I didn’t pack. And from there, Main Street Cookie Co. Of course.

We walked in, already salivating over the delicious goodies in the glass case. I pointed to the list of ingredients on the wall and said to Michael, “Look! Dianna’s eggs!”. The owner looked at me and asked how I knew the Stiebrs. I explained the connection and she said, “Oh! You’re the Facebook person!”

Yes. Yes I am.

Apparently I caused a little stir when Teresa and I showed up in December. We walked in with cameras blazing and the folks working there at the time figured it might have something to do with someone in Tenino trying to knock off their cookies. A copycat. When the owner showed up they told her they figured they’d blown it. But no. No. I’m The Facebook Person. She of shameless plugs** that net her exactly nothing but good vibes.

Oh my gosh. The lemon iced sugar cookie is, well, I have no words.

Later in the day Michael and I headed down Bald Hills Road because I wanted to check out Kellie’s mom’s nursery. Mom’s Green Thumb Nursery to be exact. I read something in the Tri-City Herald last week about succulents and what amazing varieties there are and how they thrive on neglect. What a coincidence because I am capable of untold levels of neglect! But really, they don’t need much water and they like the heat. This is what we’ve got going for us in Eastern Washington. I’m sick of spending an arm and a leg each year planting gorgeous annuals that look so good in my mom’s yard, baskets, and barrels but are only spectacular for about a month and a half in my neck of the woods. I just don’t have the shade and ability to water things twice a day July through August.

So I am going to collect succulents. They’re easily separated and shared which also speaks to my frugal side. Which I don’t actually have when it comes to the yardengarden. But I need to. At the nursery Claudia helped me pick out a few that should look great soon and will spread and make me happy. Very cool.
Afterward we headed to Stewarts because, well, you know, and it was crowded as usual. And smelling delicious. Michael ordered up some good stuff for Super Bowl munching and we headed on our way. Funny, when I pulled in it didn't occur to me that it was 4:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Friends, this isn't the time to be leaving Stewarts. I just about abandoned hope of ever making a left hand turn.

This evening we sat down to a wonderful ham dinner for Dad’s birthday and Sam favored us with his rendition of “Hey Big Spender”. I pray he never does this at school. He only knows the line “Hey big spender!” but he sings right on key and keeps it up because he keeps getting laughs. And it’s getting harder and harder to stop Michael Jr. from explaining the meaning of the song to him. Knowledge isn’t always a good thing but my kids don’t get that at all. At All.

Ah well. Late again.

*Except that half block at home where the aroma of fresh Spudnuts assaults my olfactory system and brings me to my knees. There is a street sign just past Denny’s on the way home and someone’s slapped a sticker on it that reads, “INHALE”. And I always do. Deeply and without thought. It kicks my butt every time.

** For the record I highly recommend:
1) Tacos Gaby
2) Main Street Cookie Company
3) Stiebr’s Cage-Free, Humane Certified eggs
4) Stewarts


  1. Cracks me up that we caused such a stir at Main Street! I wonder what they'd do if a full-fledged food blogger showed up? I'm about to take a nap. I know there will be dreams of lemon cookies. And possibly jerky.

  2. Sounds like a day of deliciousness!!! Was your dad surprised when you got there?


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