Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheese Louise or Over-Stuffed in Richland

This is going to have to be short and sweet, dear ones. I fell asleep waiting for this laptop to spring to life and my belly is so full of good things I think I may never eat again.

But I always say that.

Tonight Michael and I went to see the movie “Valentine’s Day”. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it since we saw a preview a few weeks ago. There were so many well known movie stars as well as a McDreamy and a McSteamy; it had to be at least marginally good. No one says “movie star” anymore, do they? Also, I had no idea that guy was referred to as McSteamy; somehow my husband knew that. We haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy for ages. I just hate seeing Katherine Heigl not living the values she was brought up with. Whatever; it’s her choice but I can’t see her and not think of that little kid back in New Canaan. Wow. I totally digress.

Anyway, the movie was really, really good. I mean I totally enjoyed it. I wish I could say more but I’m not into spoiler alerts and all that. I will say we did not need the soda and popcorn. At least I didn’t.
I knew we were having dinner afterwards but no, I could not resist. Because it was popcorn. I never crave it. Never. But if it’s next to me in the movies, I will eat it nonstop until I feel sick. You’d think a person could help that but no. Not this person.

We went to Famous Dave’s afterwards and after a 40 minute wait we were seated at the first booth you come to. As in right in front of all the salivating would-be diners, holding down the leather couches and pacing the floor. I felt like I should be greeting people as they walked in. I guess I got over that because Camilla and Steven came right up without me realizing a thing!

We ate too much of course and then ordered the bread pudding to share because we had a coupon for a free desert. That may SEEM like an excellent reason to order dessert. In reality, a person ought to have a little room left in their mid-section before green-lighting the bread pudding. We ordered that overly sweet, crazy delicious thing and good grief was it hot! I mean I literally burned my tongue. Really, that should have been the end of the indulging for the night, right?


We heard that there was a cheese shop in Richland (thanks Nina!) with a jazz band playing tonight and tomorrow evening as well. The clincher for me was the picture on Cheese Louise’s Facebook page: a massive cheesecake-stuffed chocolate covered strawberry. Seriously. They’re $8 each but they’re HUGE and they only have them a few times a year. So if you live here, you have to try one. Really. You must. And be sure to mention my name! They don’t know me but maybe I can freak some more people out as The Facebook Person.

Cheese Louise is a very cool little place. We recognized Derrick Munson playing the drums and the music was great. We ordered up a half pound of something and a quarter pound of something else. I can’t remember the names but the samples we asked for were fabulous. I thought we’d go but Michael suggested we sit for a bit and he ordered up a snack plate. Not that we had even the tiniest place to put this food but oops! We did it again. The plate came with olives, nuts, cheeses, crackers, fruit, and chocolate. It was really amazing though they do need to work on their chocolate selection. Two heart-shaped Palmer chocolates are really nothing more than brown wax, right? But anyway, Cheese Louise. You must.

And I must go spend some time with my Valentine. It’s a long Valentine’s/Chinese New Year/Olympics/President’s Day weekend and I’ve got some intensive relaxing to do.

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  1. We did it again just a week later, Casa Mia then Cheese Louise, over-stuffed again!


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