Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bread Pudding is My Kryptonite

I’m devoted. That’s all. How else to explain the fact that I’m writing right now?

Teresa and Lenora headed over the mountains today to pay a visit to the Whitman Mission during their Mid-Winter Break (why don’t we have one?) and along the way they’ve been delivering Girl Scout Cookies. I’m actually not full of those right now. In fact I’ve only had one –a new kind with cranberries. Why do they keep making new, delicious varieties to tempt me? Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs—where’d they get that name?) were always more than enough. I don’t know how Teresa survives a garage full of these things aside from perhaps super-human will power.

After they arrived we decided to go to Famous Dave’s for dinner because they’d never been and barbecue sounded good. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I love it above most other food and when I am older and in need of a hobby (because I don’t already have too many interests), I will learn to smoke and barbecue brisket to perfection. I love it so bad, as Josh would say.

Teresa and I talked while they girls played Eye Spy. It was interesting to share what we remembered about being Camp Cispus counselors, for example. She remembered a particular song we sang while I remember being shot in the forehead by a ricocheting BB during the gun safety class. We talked about our birth stories and memories of growing up in Yelm. Here’s one for you Dianna: Teresa has very fond memories of gathering up her pennies for trips to Stiebrs Farms with her grandma so she could buy Swedish Fish candies.

Sierra and I shared the bread pudding and I blame that for my current state. We drove back to Richland, made a few cookie deliveries (thanks Camilla and Kristen!), made plans for tomorrow, and I promptly said goodnight. I was completely undone. I really had to go to sleep. Blog or no blog. The food induced coma lasted for an hour or so (I’d argue that I’m still in it) but Michael woke me and brought me his laptop.

I’m devoted. Or he is. Something like that. Either way, that bread pudding must be eradicated. I need to make a vow of bread pudding-chastity or something. It’s just plain evil!

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  1. 1. Nothing noble about not eating the cookies in my garage. I've eaten so many that I really can't stand the thought of eating more. Except that new cranberry one. I really like that one and I'm not yet sick of it.
    2. Absolutely LOVED chatting about old random memories of growing up Yelm. And the universal stuff that binds women and moms everywhere.
    3. THANK YOU everyone who bought cookies from Lenora. We had fun meeting and delivering.
    4. Famous Daves. Yum. 'Nough said. (I did the food coma thing, as well. Note the "I'm going to sleep now" blog post from me yesterday.)


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