Thursday, January 7, 2010


White. White as the driven snow. White with, well, let me look. No, nothing special like a pretty bow or anything. Just plain old matronly white with advertized super-human minimizing powers. I’m actually rather fond of this contraption and I don’t leave home without it.

When I received the message on Facebook that women were putting their bra color as their status in an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer I laughed. I laughed because a) it’s clearly silly and b) we are all aware of breast cancer. Does anyone not know what pink stands for? That’s a marketing campaign that’s done its job. An awful lot of money’s been raised over the years for research and help for suffering women; something that needs to continue until a cure is found. I get that.

I guess I don’t understand the cute-ification of it. I get it from a marketing standpoint, sure. But the truth is, cancer is ugly. It’s scary and it’s horrible. It ruins lives and destroys families. There’s nothing cute or silly about it. So much I’ve seen in connection with breast cancer “awareness” has an air of frivolity to it that’s unsettling. To me. I understand I’m in the minority. And that’s okay.

And who knows? Maybe a few gals remembered to make a mammogram appointment or give their upper quadrant a feel like we’re supposed to each month. Because really, that’s what “awareness” would amount to. Either that or write a check. Anything else is just empty feel-goodism.


  1. I am completely with you on the cutification of breast cancer. I cringe every October when I remember that my Yoplait tops will turn pink for a month and I'll be accosted by someone trying to pin a dainty pink ribbon to my already accessorized chest every time I walk into the mall. This year I saw Energizer batteries in pink packaging. Seriously?

    It's definitely gone far beyond "supporting breast cancer" and into jumping on the pink-ribbon bandwagon in order to sell more product. I'll admit that there are times when I'm tempted to buy the pink product because it's pink (I happen to like the color pink very much). But then I get disgusted at the corporation that's trying to get me to buy their product because they have "embraced the cause." If they were really interested in finding a cure and/or assisting people with breast cancer, would they really be spending all this extra money finding more things that they can turn pink and sell with a moment of silence? (Not to mention all the environmentally unfriendly pink packaging that likely contributes to some of the causes of breast cancer.)

    Having said that, I kinda wish I'd chosen my green paisley today instead of the boring BEIGE I'm wearing.

  2. I didn't post my color either. I'm like you and don't understand why people would want others to know that information. So I guess that makes me a party pooper and jerk too. Oh well, I'm in great company!!!

  3. Agreed! Maybe if we showed a little more of the ugliness of cancer, it would be as inspiring. Or more. But anytime you can get a doughnut with pink sprinkles...Im down!


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