Saturday, January 16, 2010


With the remains of lunch cleaned up, swept up, and dishwasher running, I’ve snuck off to my room to write just a little. I can see out my window that the first tent’s been erected across the street and I can hear the leaf blower as Grandma, Grandpa, and some of the kids start the second shift of yard clean up. Not exactly my kids’ idea of a good time but this is how my folks roll.

This morning after breakfast I told Michael I was headed out to get a manicure and pedicure (because just like “LOL”, I can’t say “mani-pedi”). He said he’d come with me and he joined me for a pedicure. He wasn’t thrilled when I took this picture but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. There’s nothing wrong with a man getting his feet looked after. When he starts picking his polish before he sits down, then I’ll have something to say about it! This salon was different too. There were no ridiculous posters on the walls of long, wicked long nails grasping things such as cash and cell phones. The art on the walls only depicted things like sea shells, pebbles, and candles and where nails were featured, they were short with clear polish. And no alters of any sort either. It kind of threw me. Most amazing of all was that aside from one other woman who left shortly after we arrived, we were the only customers. I don’t know if it’s the economy or what but I’ve never seen anything like it.

When we got back I hoped to sneak off for a nap; I’ve got a long night of partying ahead of me and we stayed out till 2 a.m. with David and Deena last night. I’m too old to do things like this without the aid of Red Bull and Red Bull is not my friend. Truly it’s not. But no such luck with the nap. With the gate finished and awesome, my parents were starting the leaf clean up. We’d gone so far as removing them from the grass earlier in the fall but the beds and many places in the backyard were choked with them. Unable to watch that, I slapped on some examination gloves and grabbed a rake. And some kids. I feel guilty when my parents do this but I just get so busy with the In the House stuff that the Outside the House stuff gets roundly ignored in the fall and winter. When spring comes it’s just the opposite; I have to force myself to work inside. The rewards, perceived or otherwise, just aren’t there for me with outdoor work this time of year. Then the parents show up and I notice everything I ought to have been doing. Or at least forcing the kids to do. At least.

So, most of us raked leaves onto tarps and now I’m tired and I’m sporting a fresh blister, and hair full of decomposing bits (Michael’s strategic use of the leaf blower means I’ve got my work cut out for me). And I’m really, really tired. Did I mention that? Why did I stay out so late? Oh yeah. Deena wanted pie and I was having fun. Like Kenny asked me yesterday, “Are you blind of understanding?!” – I believe I am.

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