Saturday, January 2, 2010

That's My Girl

I had this idea.

(And you’ve known me long enough to know where “ideas” lead.)

This morning I decided to start the new year off right and clean out the junk drawer. I pulled it out and hauled it downstairs where I could watch the Masterpiece Theater “Sense and Sensibility” I recorded yesterday. This idea was a good one; it’s all clean and organized and it actually closes. Mission accomplished.

The next idea was not great. Sierra texted while I was working on the drawer and asked if I’d come get her from a slumber party. It seemed early for that but I finished up and drove over. Outside it was much warmer than the days before and the Chinook that blew through last night left us almost entirely snow and ice-free. Why not ask Sierra to hike Badger Mountain with me?

When I posed the question she was hesitant but I guess I talked her into it. She decided to give it a shot.

On the drive over she kept pointing to it and asking if I was sure she could do it. She wasn’t sure. Absolutely, I told her; if her brothers could, she could too.

We pulled into the parking lot at the trailhead and hopped out. Immediately she started to complain. It was too windy. Too cold. Too muddy (that quick thaw left a lot of mud). The girl did not stop complaining until we reached the stone that reads “Lake Lewis Maximum Elevation”—maybe halfway up. Up to that point she complained bitterly but refused to turn around and try again another day with less mud and more clothes. Do you know why she stopped complaining? Because experienced hikers coming down began telling us to turn around; it was too icy to proceed. I figured she’d take that as the perfect opportunity to throw in the towel. But no. Not my girl.

“I‘m going to the top. There’ s no reason not to.”

“That ice is a reason. A good one. I’ll take a picture to prove it. We have a GREAT excuse.”

“I’m GOING to the top!”

And just like that she was listening to me complain and coaxing me on. I have no idea how we made it without slipping and falling but we did it and earlier this evening I overheard her telling Michael Jr. that now that she thinks of it, it really wasn’t so bad. Ha! It was cool though. To see the look on her face when she became determined. The look when she knew she’d actually done it. Priceless.

Tonight she’s lying next to me in bed reading Sense and Sensibility. I only recorded the first half of the movie so the Masterpiece Theater version is queued up on Netflix and she’s reading to see what happens next. Her cat Bandita is with us and as I began to write the disgusting sound of her licking Sierra’s hand was distracting me. It was the sandpapery cat tongue sound. I gave Sierra The Look and this is what followed:

“ Do you know why cats’ tongues are like that? Because they need it to brush their hair. You should brush a cat’s hair twice a week. If it gets matted they might eat a chunk and clog up their intestines.”

“Would you ever want to be a vet?”

“No I want be to a cat.”

That’s my girl.

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