Monday, January 25, 2010


According to the calendar, today is a Day Off/Snow Make-Up Day. Meaning, sadly, that we haven’t had enough snow this year to make up for days lost due to it. A houseful of kids but no real agenda for the day and not much accomplished (aside from a cleaned off desk which I suppose is more than not much). It’s late afternoon and the living room looks like it rained dinosaurs and Mr. Potato Heads. It’s been picked up twice but it’s a rainy day and this is what happens.

Going through the desk today I came across the golf shoe box. The contents of this box have thwarted my family album plans for years. I’ve had my parent’s photos in shoe boxes in chronological order for awhile now but this box, well, this box contains the slides. Most likely, these are far better than anything I have on print. They’re from the time I was around 1 through age 6 or 7, a time when my dad took his photography habit seriously and had a darkroom in the house.

I’m thankful my dad took it seriously because unlike plenty of people I know, I have a ton of childhood photos. I had perhaps even more than other folks with shutterbug parents because my dad left for Korea a month before I was born. My mom took hundreds of photos of me for Dad and when he returned a year later he took over where she left off. Blessings all around. Definitely. But still. Slides?

I know, I know. Slides are the way to go for the professional photographer. You don’t have to rely on a lab tech’s interpretations. What you see is what you shot. The problem lies in organizing these devils decades later. And because I have nothing better to do, no other projects not-so-patiently vying for my attention (typed with thick sarcasm), I decided to pull out the box and figure out what my options were.

I went to Costco’s website and found that I could get them burned onto a DVD. $19.99 for the first 50 then 29 cents apiece after that. I counted 475 of them. Good enough. I filled out the form and at first figured I’d have to just accept them in random order. What else could I do? But no. After a few minutes, the very idea of that felt like nails on a chalkboard. I spend a few hours dividing the ones with dates into piles. Next come the ones without dates. I have no idea how that will go aside from poorly. But it’s better than random order. It’s got to be.

I so wish they would have written on these things. Something. Because clearly the dates on most of them only refer to the month and year they were ordered. I’m hopeful that the subjects will give me some clues.

I decided that this would be a great birthday gift for my dad next month though it may come a little after the fact. Buying things for him is hard. He doesn’t need Stuff so I think this may work. I just wasn’t sure about the little box labeled “Korea”. He doesn’t particularly enjoy talking about that year so I wasn’t sure if I should add those. I called mom to run it by her and she said I may as well. It would be the first time she’d ever laid eyes on them.

I guess that’s the problem with slides. Sharing them, at least back in the day, required the dreaded “Slide Show”. Even now sharing them sort of requires going digital because who wants to gather around your light box or set up a projector? So, I’ve got my work cut out for me. Again!

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  1. I have slides I'd not considered transferring. Great idea! Now to just find the right box in the storage unit . . .


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