Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Tooth Post

I ran across this picture today. I’m the one in short-shorts perusing the book but check out my mom! Look at those jeans! Sometimes it’s nice to forget we ever tried to pull off looks like that. Still, you have to admit there weren’t any muffin-top, tramp-stamp, thong-showing dramas in that world. That’s something.

So. Today. Let’s see. Homeschooling’s been interesting. Sometimes it makes total sense and I know I’ve made the right decision. Other times I just want them to leave in the morning like the rest of the kids and become someone else’s educational responsibility. Today was mostly good; Michael did his work with little complaint (only the usual “Why do I have to show my work?”) and Sierra spent the entire day on one lesson. That’s something else I like. Sometimes there are lessons about things they’re already clear on and they’re free to just take the assessment and move along. Then there are times like today. The assignment was to write a short play and act it out. In the end this involved a backdrop, props, a written script, and play practice. It’s been a long day.

And it’s just getting longer. I have a few minutes before Sierra’s first official orthodontic appointment. She’s had the impressions and x-rays taken and we’ve had the consultation. Now comes the dirty work, though she doesn’t seem too excited or anxious about it. She won’t have the agony of the palate expanding device that I remember but I suppose it’s all still a big pain anyway. She’s committed to flossing with them on so that alone will be more frustration than she’s used to.

I started the whole Journey to Fabulous Teeth in 3rd grade. Probably so young because I needed to have teeth extracted (extra fun when your dad’s the dentist—NOT) and the aforementioned palate expander. I remember long drives into Lacey because Yelm didn’t have an orthodontist yet. Brushing my teeth on the way and spitting out the window. And strangely enough I also remember that we hit a chicken driving in once. What I remember especially is seeing it caught in the grill of my mom’s car. Well, enough of Memory Lane.

So anyway. I have an appointment for a cleaning tomorrow. Lucky me because I just noticed that something feels wrong. My tongue’s found what seems to be a hole. Like a filling’s come out. I didn’t notice it happen (I wonder if I swallowed it in my sleep? Ew.) but it must’ve. Ah, the drama of a mouth full of teeth.

Fast forward (woman!) and I’m waiting for Sierra at the orthodontist’s office. On the way over we flipped through the radio stations trying to find something we weren’t obliged to make fun of. It was tough. Several stations seemed to be playing that song where the guy’s singing about hugs from fireflies or something and we decided that a) we have no idea what he’s singing about and b) he sounds like we imagine Barbie’s man Ken might. Sierra did say she preferred this song to, “The one with the ukulele guy singing about his untrimmed chest!”. I think that’d be Train’s “Hey Soul Sister”. Anyway, we settled on a Spanish-speaking station and talked about Mexican food.

Which is good I guess. She’s just been told to stick with soft foods only for the next few days anyway.

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