Friday, January 8, 2010

Rainy Night

Is that rain I hear? I’m too comfortable to get up and look but let’s see . . . hmm. My phone says it’s raining.

And I love a rainy night. Who sang that? Eddie Rabbit, I think. Sometimes I think the usable space in my brain’s been taken up by useless 70’s music trivia.

I’m hiding in my room waiting for the insanity to mellow to a quiet hum; I let the kids stay up and goof off for awhile since it’s Friday night and dad’s out of town. I kind of regret it already. It would be awfully nice to have the living room to myself right now. Feet up and kicking back in Michael’s recliner. Well, soon enough.

Tonight Sierra tended The World’s Cutest Baby for a few hours and by the time he left she had our collection of baby toys strewn across the living room, baby food on her clothes, and a sudden urge to hit the sack. I love that the Ottley’s let her do this. She’s only 11 but I’m here to make sure things go smoothly and I have to say it’s AMAZING birth control. Not that that’s a concern right now but she’s getting firsthand experience with the concept that babies need constant attention. She also enjoys the Getting Paid portion of the evening. Obviously. Tonight she picked up the pile of cash Tami left her and tried to give me half because I helped. It was sort of cute. When I said no she said, “Just take a dollar then! You deserve it!” What I deserve is a hot bath and some QUIET.

Because it’s been a regular Friday and I hate regular Fridays. I know. Hate is a strong word but really, I hate that kindergarten is over at 10:40 a.m. on Fridays. I hate that school is over at 1:15 p.m. Add to that the things that I don’t hate (11:30 a.m. reading in Kenny’s class, for example) and I feel like I spend the better part of the day in the car and at the elementary school. And today was Michael’s day off with no Michael so there’s that.

Where’s Michael?

Well dear hearts, Michael is in Phoenix visiting a friend from college. I guess he’ll be consulting on some projects his friend has going on. The kind of thing I imagine he wishes he could do all the time. Creative use of the Big Brain. It’s something I wish he could be doing all the time.

And actually, he probably could. If I would just green light the Move to Phoenix thing. Which blows. It really does. He would never pressure me and he would never make me feel horrible about it (purposefully) but he and I both know that’s what’s standing in the way. I just can’t say yes to leaving a community I know and love. And my friends. And my kids’ friends. And living within driving distance of parents who aren’t getting any younger. Not for Phoenix. Not for that awful heat. There has got to be a better way. I just haven’t come up with it yet. I hold out hope that perhaps someday soon he can do the consulting for his friend almost completely remotely. A trip a few times a month is nothing but moving isn’t something I can voluntarily pull off right now.

Josh has joined me and he’s playing with my phone. It’s much better than what I caught him doing earlier in the evening. As I sat in Michael’s recliner rocking Gavinn I saw him pick up a baby hammer and attempt to drive a pencil into the couch. I wonder what goes through his head sometimes. Honestly. I know he’s only 3 but he’s got to know I’m going to freak out. Yet he does it still. Or attempts to anyway. Right in front of me.

Well, I should go see if I can salvage the evening. Call Michael. Figure out how to tell Sierra that it’s too cold to climb Badge when she wakes me at the crack of dawn. Read the bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (what’s with all the weird religious rantings?). Lots to do.

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