Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plain and Simple

I’ve probably mentioned this before but Facebook is getting way too bossy. I wrote yesterday that I enjoy that about the C25K app but I don’t need it from Facebook. I just looked at my Home Page and to right it says Doug Hunsaker and beneath it: Say hello. Not “Wouldn’t you like to say hello?” or “Have you seen Doug’s profile lately?”. Say hello. I imagine a parent hissing this into a reluctant child’s ear when faced with unknown relatives.

Today was unseasonably warm. Maybe it wasn’t unseasonably warm but just felt like it because we’ve had so much rain. It was warm enough that I let Josh and Sam play for a bit outside despite having colds. Josh is in shorts and moon boots with a snake wrapped around his arm because he picks his clothes and his accessories. He was so pleased to finally get some fresh air. I walked out barefooted to take a photo or two and stepped on not one but two devil stickers. People refer to puncture vine as goatheads here and they’re responsible for innumerable flat tires on our bikes. The green goo helps but those evil pokey things are awful. They stick to shoes and then find their way stuck into the deck and rugs inside. And the PAIN! Get one of those stuck in your heel and everybody will know about it. We haven’t been able to totally root them out of the backyard and I bet if I thought about it for more than a few seconds I could write an entire post about the metaphorical puncture vines in my life. But I’m tired.

Okay, now I’m totally freaked out. I’m sitting in bed writing and something just hit my window. What could it be? Whatever it is, I hope it sees my ADT sign and moves on. Could it be a bat? I know birds fly into window but I’ve never heard of bats doing it. Seems like the sonar would help with that. Or maybe the squirrel pitched a ball from the sycamore tree. Hmm. A teenager walking up Williams?

Today I almost missed Tami and Chadd give their talks in church. I forgot what Sunday it was and we had to decide who was staying home with the two youngest. I wound up being the one to go—I was so happy I didn’t miss it! Tami looked kind of sick sitting there waiting to get up but she did great. She made us laugh and want to bake her brownies. This is a difficult move and one I’m still perfecting. I wish I’d taken notes when she was speaking but in my haste this morning I forgot a notepad. Chadd talked about missionary work and how sometimes we don’t open our mouths because although we know we have something of great value to share, we fear the response won’t be good. He used the example of a firefighter saving a dog from a burning building. The dog, in fear, bit the man but it didn’t stop the rescuer. We have to lose the fear and remember the eternal importance of what we’re sharing. He also told the story of being stuck in traffic and noticing the problem was a ewe that’d climbed a steep, rocky hillside with no clear way to come back down. Chadd wondered what the plan was to rescue her. A cornered animal would likely do something crazy and make the situation worse. Would they have to use a tranquilizer gun? Michael Jr. whispered to me that that’s how he’d like to do missionary work.


There was a lot to think about in these talks. How much do we not say out of fear? And what are we afraid of? Rejection? That we don’t know exactly what to say? That we don’t know enough to answer harsh critics? Probably. But it’s not rocket science. It’s just plain and simple. Jesus is the Christ. The Savior. He atoned for our sins so we could return to live with our Father in Heaven. God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith, a boy of just fourteen, in answer to his prayers. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. That’s it. Sure, there are lots of other things you could add to this. More details and, well, more details. But this is it. Not always easy to fit into a conversation I guess.


  1. Somehow by moving out to the country we have escaped the goatheads...imagine that! We had them all over our front lawn in the Mahan house and I was constantly finding them (with my feet) in my carpet! So glad that adventure is over!

    I too keep my mouth shut far to often. I almost think that it would be easier to open my mouth to strangers on the street then the people that are close to me. So much more to fear - I just need to remember that the Lord is my shepard and he will guide me!

  2. I have to agree with Michael Jr. Tranquilizers would just make it a bit easier sometimes, even with our own children, in general, not just relating to gospel topics.

    I have to remember that we are given the words to say if we are prepared, and if said in love it is better received. I am frequently astonished at how bold my children are, but they share and invite with love. I guess that is the key. Do our children realize how much they teach us?


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