Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh What a Night

Oh, Sunday Afternoon Nap, how I love you.

But it’s over and I’ve got plenty of things that need doing before a new week begins. Essays to send Michael and Sierra’s teacher, a chore chart to perfect, meals to plan, grocery trips to organize. And speaking of that, I want to share that I am once again couponing my butt off. Seriously. And if you’re doing the grocery shopping, you should too. I don’t know what’s available for folks outside of the northwest but I’ve been using and it’s very helpful. The woman who writes the blog adds different deals each day but the main thing to check out on the site are the store lists. If you click “State Shopping Lists” on the green bar across the top it will take you to a page with choices of Washington, Idaho, California, and Utah. Choose your state and you’ll arrive at a page where you choose which stores you want information about. For each store there are lists that tell you what the sales are and where to find coupons for each. For some items there are links to sites with printable coupons and for others it lists the Sunday paper coupon pack it came in (Smart Source, Red Plum, or Proctor & Gamble). I keep each of these three coupon packs in three different page protectors (large envelopes would work fine) and just write the date across the top of them each Sunday and file them away. I only cut out coupons when I know I’m going to use them. It saves a huge amount of time. So anyway, here’s an example of a deal I got last week following the advice on a post from this website:

Albertson’s had Yoplait yogurt on sale for 50 cents per cup and an additional $2 less if you bought 20. This site listed links to print two $1 off coupons when you purchase 8 cups and one 50 cents off coupon when you purchase 6. Albertson’s had three coupon doublers in their Sunday flier (these coupons will double any coupon up to $1). I bought 22 cups which would have been $11. Subtract the $2 for buying 20 to get $9. The coupons were worth $2.50 and the doublers made that $5 for a total of $4. At the register a $2 off your next purchase coupon came out of the Catalina machine. So in the end the total cost (if I don’t forget to use that coupon!) was $2. Not bad. And I didn’t have to actually use my brains, just follow some simple directions, so that helps.

I just saw this menu planning sheet on this site; maybe it will help with the meal planning too.

But on to other things. I should report on the festivities last night. The food was delicious, the company was great, and we didn’t win any big ticket items in the drawing. I publicly apologize to Michael for ignoring him while I caught up with Kerrilynn—no excuses but we just don’t see each other anymore. I miss her. Anyway, the people watching was PHENOMENAL. All I can say is WOW. There was a DJ and dancing which, for me who hasn’t had a drink in years, can be daunting. There are staples in situations like these such as “Old Time Rock ‘N Roll”, “The Electric Slide”, “Celebration”, and “U Can’t Touch This”. I can’t dance to these. Additionally, this DJ played “Let’s Get It On” and “Sexual Healing” which, no, I can’t pull off either. Michael convinced me to dance with him to “Unchained Melody”. I know it’s Romantic but it was tough. The dance floor was crowded with folks kissing and touching and I couldn’t focus on Michael enough to not notice. I kept giggling and whispering to him about what I was seeing but I don’t think he was amused. I was not an ideal date. Near the end he pulled me onto the dance floor to dance to “Boom Boom Pow” and that was kind of funny. Funny because everyone looked stupid and because I got to watch the Human Sandwich. There was a guy dancing in a particularly provocative manner with a woman in front of him and a woman behind him. And essentially no space in between. Who were these people? It was hilariously out of place at a work function. So anyway, it was a good night and to top it off I won a very pretty centerpiece.

Time to put this away and get cracking; I just heard Sam say, “Ready set, whoever has wings can jump,” followed by, “Did anyone bring a doctor?” . . .

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