Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Menu Options to Activate But Still Freaking Out

This morning was Sierra’s big day: Braces are finally on. With a mouthful of hot pink and extreme green, she looks like a teenager already. While I waited for her, my phone rang. It was Michael Jr. telling me that Grandma called.

I’m not entirely sure what an “episode” is but I think I’m about to have one.

They’d like to come this weekend. In two days. And I’m not ready.

When Michael called he mentioned something about an e-mail. I checked my phone and sure enough Dad wrote this morning:


My truck's been loaded and pointed East, is parked on its prayer rug, since before Christmas. January is horrible around here without the sound of kids; I may forget how my gate plans are to work; and the weather is supposed to be OK-Friday cloudy, no more than 6" snow total through Sunday evening.

You have no menu options to activate; we have a cooler. Day 2 dinner includes French Dip, so you can guess what's even better for Friday night. I may not be able to refuse, but neither should I collect turkeys and other big chunks of bargain over any long spans of time. Last week I filleted out 99 cent chicken breasts and made a nice broth with the bones. 12 of them. You can't walk away from Fred Meyer when he's tossing stuff like that away, practically.

So, you can let us know of any conflicts of schedule, etc., and we'd like to try to work that out.

Love, Dad

Do two freezers and a fridge needing attention (as well as a week’s worth of deep cleaning) count as a conflict of schedule? But I’d never do that. How could I say no? Of course I can’t because I want to see them too. But still. New Year’s Resolution #342: Be prepared!

I’ve got my list in front of me and I’m ready to work but I can feel my blood pressure rise when I see my little ones pull out more toys. I wish I could just push a pause button on everyone for a day or two. Do you remember that scene from “Weird Science” when the grandparents show up unexpectedly and Lisa’s “freezes” them and sticks them in the closet because they weren't having a very good time at the party? I need that. Either for the kids or my parents; I’m not particular. But like Chet said, “Do you think they're having a good time catatonic in a closet? Do you have any idea how disrespectful that is?”

I wonder if we have that movie? Hmm. But no. No time for distractions!

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