Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Bad

How did this happen? Didn’t I always pay tribute to Dr. Ferber, Patron Saint of Sleepless Parents? Every single one of these kids were Ferberized by the time they were 6 months old. Sleeping on their own. How is it that I find myself sleeping next to a 3 year old half the time?

Because you have to know I am not that woman. I am a firm non-believer in The Family Bed. I mean I know they exist but they are not for me. It’s just not what I signed up for. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to spend my days with my kids, but friends, when 8 p.m. rolls around, I’m done. I’m punching my card.

Sure, there are exceptions. Illness, trips, mayhem, etc. can upset the applecart but generally speaking, a girl needs some down time. When I found Dr. Ferber’s book when Michael Jr. was 5 months old and insisting on getting up several times in the night for no apparent reason, I knew I’d found the answer. It’s not for everyone but all (all but one!) of my kids have slept well, on their own, since they were very small.

Also, how do people do this? Do they have California Kings? Have they abandoned all hope of privacy? Or perhaps they don’t want it? Are they not unabashed bed hogs like me? Because I am such a bed hog.

Now we’ve got this situation and I need to fess up and admit that I caused the whole problem. Josh thinks bed time is play time so if we leave him up in the room with the boys, he makes huge messes and keeps them up. Instead of being a grown up and just sitting outside the door, putting him back into bed each time he gets up for as many days as it takes, I’ve just allowed him to lay in our bed. It’s so darned appealing. He gets right in and falls asleep right away. Some of the time it works out fine; one of us carries him to bed and all’s well that ends well. But not most of the time. Lately.

“Sleep me!” he says and I hug him and remember he’s the last one. I am such a sucker.

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  1. We're having (or I should say IM having) the same problem with Gracie. The little stink goes to bed great but come two, three, four in the morning....she thinks its time to get in my bed. And no matter how many times I put her back in her bed, shes right back in mine ten minutes later. I am NOT a "lets let the kids sleep in our bed...theyre only little once" kind of girl. Ive read the books and our kids have learned to sleep well too, but its harder when theyre big. I think so anyway.


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