Friday, January 1, 2010

Maybe Falling On My Head Isn't the Best Way to Start 2010

Happy New Year!

I woke up a little after 9 a.m. with a start. The garbage bins were not at the curb.

Nuts! I knew both of them stood full with precariously placed mountains of refuse; they looked like I felt after a New Year’s Eve of eating and eating and eating (and eating). There was no going another week without garbage service.

In my pajamas I ran for my snow boots and out the front door. I looked up the street and each garbage bin as far as the eye could see had its lid down. No garbage propping any up. Uh oh. I decided to bring them out anyway. Hoping against hope, I trudged back to the house through the slush. As I walked in and shut the door, I heard the most beautiful sound: The garbage truck rounding the corning of Williams and Kimball.

I can’t think of a single why reason I wrote all that, but it was awesome.

Michael Jr.’s been bugging me to take him to Carmichael Hill since the first snow this year. If you’re from here, chances are you either take your kids sledding there or you vow you never will. It’s completely common place to see an ambulance at the bottom; I don’t’ know if it’s always for specific injuries or just someone waiting for the inevitable. I think it’s a fun hill to sled down if the snow is new and you’re one of the first to get there. Arrive too late and it’s complete chaos.

This morning Stephanie called to say Kenny was ready to go home; her husband was taking their kids sledding and they’d be leaving soon. I suffered a sudden lapse in judgment and said we’d head over too. The older two were excited but as I looked out at the snow with a layer of ice from the freezing rain last night, I knew it was going to be insane.

Kenny decided to go with the Green’s so I dropped off his snow pants and sled. As few minutes later at Carmichael Middle School I was surprised to see the parking lot wasn’t full; we even found a spot right up front. But it was definitely an ice slick going down. After a moment or two of listening to Michael and Sierra bicker about who should go first (they were both freaked out by the sheet of ice the hill clearly was), I took one and went down myself. I wish I knew how fast that thing went. Halfway down I spun out of control but somehow, when the sled finally came to a stop, I was still on it. Not cool and not to be repeated.

Michael Jr. walked down to retrieve his sled then headed back up. When he reached the top I pulled out our new Flip video recorder to record their trips down. Then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. These kids took 20 minutes to finally sled down the hill! Once they did it they were eager to do it again but wow was it dangerous. No one seemed interested in walking up the hill on a single path so often there was no way for someone sledding down to avoid them except to yell “LOOK OUT!” When my two had finally had enough we started the walk back up. I asked them to follow the kids ahead of us so we could keep out of at least some people’s way. We were halfway up when Sierra yelled, “There’s Kenny!” I turned to look down the hill and within seconds a little girl in an inner tube hit me from behind and knocked my feet out from under me. I hit my head and right shoulder pretty hard and they’re still not feeling great. I think I’m done with that place. Maybe. I don’t know. Jason said White Bluffs Elementary is pretty sweet.

This afternoon Sierra went to see “Avatar” again for a friend’s birthday so Michael took Michael Jr. to see “Sherlock Holmes” at the same time. I opted to stay home with the little boys and get some things done and I don’t regret it or anything but it was a little bit of torture. Kenny and Cley showed up and gave me the lowdown on how they spent New Year’s Eve: Watching the “Chocolate Rain” Youtube video over and over until, three pages later, they were able to write down all of the lyrics. So they could sing it to me. Oh my.

Tonight Michael and I walked across the street to Ben and Berta’s to hang out with some grown folks and play Wii hula. We have a Wii I never use but how hard could it be, right? Well, I did pretty well the first try but the next was a fail. The hoop bounced off my head and I looked like an idiot (though to the casual observer, you don’t look any better if you’re doing it right!). We played some other game that involved a chicken suit and arm flapping and I didn’t do half bad on that one. I have a multitude of Top Secret New Year’s Resolutions—maybe more Wii time will help me with one of them. Especially that stupid hula! I’m still feeling it!

A Chinook was blowing hard by the time we walked home and it looks like it’ll have the ice melted in no time. Nice. We walked in to find the Wii going here too. Rock Band. And friends, these boys have memorized “Eye of the Tiger” too. It’s not as bad as listening to the marimba band play it but after hearing a continuous run of it for the last hour or so, I’m almost wishing for “Chocolate Rain”. Almost.

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