Monday, January 18, 2010

In the Winter a Young Woman's Fancy Lightly Turns to Thoughts of Water Slides and Wave Pools

What an incredibly beautiful day! The sun’s shining and it’s 47 degrees out. It’s January for Pete’s sake! But it’s nice. Really, really nice.

This morning as I stood on the scale (ever watchful that no passersby get an eye-full) I looked out the window to see a white KNDU vehicle park close by. A woman got out and headed over to the tent city across the street, camera in tow.

We live across the street from the north lawn of the Central United Protestant Church and they’re sponsoring a winter camp out to help the Union Gospel Mission buy homeless housing units. It’s a week-long event that started last night and goes through next Sunday. I guess it’s a great idea so long as no one actually thinks their experience is in any way similar to that of an actual homeless person. There’re some pretty sweet looking tents over there and I’m pretty sure no one’s intoxicated, high, or mentally ill (actually I have no idea), surely everyone brought socks and no one need go hungry. No one’s sleeping in appliance boxes but after last night’s weather I bet they’re happy they put up their rain flies. Still, if they’ve got sponsors and money to hand over to help this worthy cause, camp away.

Especially in this weather. I guess 47 degrees sounds cold to some but it was practically balmy today. Warm enough that I took the kids to Howard Amon Park in the afternoon (I’m not great about doing this much—we’ve got an Old School playground a few houses down behind the Episcopal church and usually just walk there). Sam actually asked if we could swim there. Not yet. Soon enough we’ll be swimming and complaining about the relentless desert heat. No getting around it.

Now if we can just make this huge water park in Pasco a reality, maybe I won’t hate the summer so much. It is the devil around here. So hatefully hot. I just want to beg my dad to build another hidden fence-gate like he did for our garden so I can abuse Mr. Malley’s pool regularly. But of course no. Mr. Malley is generous enough with his pool and I’m no fence defiler. Until we get this dream park there’ll still be trips to Moses Lake, Hermiston, and Pendleton and their aquatic centers. Who knows why we’ve never been able to pull off a municipal one here. I’m looking forward to having one because it won’t be far, far, away in the sweltering heat and because Michael’s a member of the team of guys making this a reality, I plan to just live there. No seriously, I’m just barely kidding.

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