Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Glad

I woke up late this morning but church isn’t till 11 a.m. so it seemed fine. I woke with an insatiable desire (that’s sort of stupid; it was totally satiable) for an avocado, bacon, and cheddar omelet smothered with pico de gallo so that was the first order of business. Until I saw the sink.

Part of Michael Jr. ‘s requirements for his Family Life merit badge is to make sure we’re having family meetings. I’m pretty sure this will be the first item I bring up: No More Smoothie Messes! These little angels have become obsessed with making smoothies for breakfast (tofu, plain yogurt, milk, frozen fruit, and Splenda) but the finer points of cleaning up after themselves are being overlooked entirely. Entirely. The last thing I scolded them for was leaving a mess in my sink. So this time they hung the utensils over it. Kill me with semantics. I’ve tried to keep my complaining to a minimum about this because a) complaining doesn’t help, b) it’s reasonably healthy, and c) they’re feeding themselves and the younger kids. Except Kenny. Who won’t touch any manner of fruit. When I say touch I mean touch, eat, hold, poke, stare directly at, ANYTHING. He will have NOTHING to do with fruit.

Which is sad. A moment of silence for my poor, silly, nutritionally challenged son.

Anyway, I was about to start washing dishes when Josh ran in begging for a strawberry smoothie. Oh and he wanted to make it. That took about twenty minutes longer than you might think and by then it was a little too late for my fantasy omelet. I forged ahead anyway and it was worth it. It was soooo good.

I said it was worth it but it did make us a few minutes late for church because I didn’t foresee how much time it would take to get the younger boys ready without Michael here. And that few minutes meant the difference between sitting in the very back and what we ended up with: three folding chairs in one row and two in the row behind it. Tami gave me the Tsk! for being late (as seems to be usual) and we took our seats. I soon realized that the seats were actually kind of good. Having the middle three in front of me meant I could see everything they were doing, attempting to do, and stopping each other from doing. All three of the usual suspects were within reach. And they were reached several times.

The not-so-great part of the seat locations was being directly behind the Pages and Bishop and Sister Jacks. I didn’t want the kids bothering them with their squabbles and inability to remember where they were. So distracted did I become that when we were asked for our sustaining vote about something or someone (like I said, I was distracted) I raised my hand after Brother Ostler said, “All opposed?” I don’t think I’ve EVER seen that happen. Probably no one else around me had ever seen it either. Not cool.

Next stop, Primary. Sister Simm called me this morning and asked if I’d substitute in Sam’s class. I said yes because a) that’s what you do, b) Sister Simm is so nice I can’t imagine saying no to anything she’d ask, and c) it wasn’t Josh’s class. After last week’s meltdown I knew I had to unsubscribe to whatever that was; I wouldn’t be going back. It wasn’t in anyone’s best interest. Still, it didn’t go smoothly. Josh wasn’t putting up with the notion of his mom sitting with another class so he burst into tears. But friends, this was someone else’s problem. His teacher took him out, eventually bringing him back to me asleep.


I haven’t had a child so unwilling to go to Primary since Michael Jr. Still, I think it’s going to improve. When he woke up I took him to his class and he had snacks and played. And from what I can tell he didn’t even cry when the cars and trains were put away. That’s progress.

Teaching Sam’s class was hilarious. I had only enough time to print out the lesson at home and read through it quickly; I had nothing prepared. The lesson was about choosing the right and asking “What would Jesus do?” before reacting to difficult situations. I began by telling them a story about a child with a difficult decision to make then asked them each to draw a picture. Anything that had to do with asking that question. I gave each child a chance to tell the story of their picture and friends, let me tell you, I love 5 year olds. It was hilarious. Ellie started by showing us her drawing of a dinosaur and she told us how this dinosaur helped God. Sam was next and he told us his story but added a dinosaur in for good measure. One little girl added a candy store to her story and the next few kids had to add that detail as well as the dinosaurs and helping God. And hugs. Several stories involved giving hugs. Once Josh mellows out I think I might like substituting for this class more often.

Later this afternoon I collected Michael from the airport and it was really good to see him. Good to get back to normal. He’s snoozing in his recliner but he’s here and I’m glad.

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