Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Didn't Eat This

Sierra woke me up this morning to climb Badger but didn’t seemed too surprised when I played the Freezing Rain card and closed my eyes again. The sleeping in didn’t last but a few more minutes; Sam, who’d fallen asleep in our bed last night, woke up soon after. He woke me and said, “Guess what Mom? I woke up in your bed!” I guess he forgot that’s where he started out because he seemed genuinely surprised and seemed to think I should be too.

But no, I’m never surprised to wake up with children in my bed, sore from contorting myself to fit the space they’ve allotted. Not when Daddy’s out of town. It’s funny how they migrate this direction. Even Sierra tried to fall asleep in here reading last night. Of course Michael Jr. is too thirteen and mustached to be involved with this but he was happy to poke fun at them in the morning. As if they cared at all.

Today was the Primary Meet and Greet at church and the kids sat at tables with their new teachers and class, ate pizza, and decorated cookies. Straight away I found I’d been seriously unobservant over the past, well, I don’t know. Apparently the whole system has been changed. It used to be that if you turned oh, say, 8 during the year, you would be in the CTR 8 class. Now it’s how old you are on January 1. This means Kenny is in CTR 8 again. Weren’t the kids just talking about being held back in church? I had to laugh because it must’ve felt like it to some of the kids looking forward to moving up. But anyway, Pizza and Cookies.

Of which I ate NONE.

I so wanted to eat a piece of pizza and all of the cookies. Because they were frosted and delicious and covered with sprinkles and candy after Josh’s decorating job. One is never enough so zero it is.

I may have solved my What to Wear to the Party Next Saturday dilemma. I ordered a top from Spiegel that SHOULD arrive in time. And SHOULD fit. But I’ve gone through this before. I ordered dresses twice before Tom’s wedding and in the end sent both back and wore something boring I already had. I’m not good at The Internet. Not as far as shopping goes. So anyway, there’s always something boring in my closet to fall back on. Actually there might not even be that. But never fear; Michael assures me I’ll be HOT. You’ve got to give him credit; he’s got a great attitude.

I should go; Kenny is requesting more hotdogs. Because I go all out when Michael’s out of town. I wonder why that is? When he’s gone I put great effort into figuring out how little effort I can put into meals. I go out of my way to not go out of my way. 5 for $5 bagged Fresh Express salads at Fred Meyer and some chicken I grilled yesterday = dinner for the older kids and I. Hotdogs for the rest. Not even baby carrots or applesauce so I can pretend it’s healthy. Thank goodness he almost never leaves.

P.S. A shout out to Nina for recommending Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap! I picked some up in the healthy-natural-organicky section of Fred Meyer and love it! The bathrooms smell all pepperminty and I used the lavender-scented variety in the kitchen. Mmmm! I still haven’t figured out what all the tiny-print rantings are about on the bottle but at this point I couldn’t care less.

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