Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can't Win for Losing

The man on the ladder in Mr. Malley’s backyard is from Charter and he’s there to give me more channels. Because Michael called yesterday to complain about the fee hike and to inform them we’d be taking our TV needs elsewhere.


That’s right. We realized we couldn’t totally give Charter the old heave ho because we need a high speed internet connection, but we could go to Dish for the other stuff, right? Except darned if Dish wasn’t going to cost more for the basic line up. And Charter jacks up the price even higher when you opt for only an internet connection. Once Charter offered to give us Expanded Basic plus a faster internet connection for essentially what we were paying before, we gave up and gave in. So folks, there it is. Now I can watch Psych and Project Runway and Top Chef and a ton of other things I like to watch when I fold clothes. Yay me.

Unfortunately, it also means we have Nickelodeon and Disney. There are a couple of programs I’m happy to let the kids watch (“Phineas and Ferb” for example) but we’ve been just fine with PBS Kids so I’m blocking the rest. I don’t exactly know how but I bet there’s a way I can record the shows I want and still have the channels locked as far as the kids go. Probably. Maybe. I don’t know.

Tonight we had the Anderson’s and the Price’s over for carne asada tacos, etc. Oh man do I love carne asada. And leftovers. I love not having to cook on Sunday.

Amid the mayhem of eleven children doing what eleven children do, the grown folk decided to play Phase 10. First let me say it is much more fun playing with grown-ups; no one cried when I skipped them! But still, I am NOT good at this game. I was still trying to complete the 2nd phase when others were on 5 and 6! The pinnacle of my humiliation was when I triumphantly threw down 10 in a row! “Eat it!” I yelled, only to have David remind me that, well, I was actually supposed to be shooting for 2 sets of 4 . . . . why do I play this game? Michael who never plays this game WON and I was the 6th winner (1st loser). Good thing the best part of the game is harassing each other;)!

So anyway, who’s up for another game night? Anything but Phase 10!


  1. We can introduce you to Jungle Speed and Qwirkle.

  2. We love game nights! Psych is a favorite around here too.

  3. uh, a little jealous we havent done game night!


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