Saturday, January 30, 2010

C25K and Big Plans

Saturday, oh dear, sweet Saturday.

Out of many, many things I should have/could have done today, precious little was accomplished. Since I don’t really care, I suppose it doesn’t bear mentioning. Slept in, then woke with the decision that today was The Day.

What? What day?

Well dears, awhile back my neighbor lady Berta began mentioning C25K (Couch to 5K) and before I knew it, I was seeing it mentioned regularly on Facebook. My first cousin once removed, Michelle Heath told me about an app for the iPhone created specifically for this program and her rave reviews convinced me to slap down the $2.99. Plus tax. I didn’t know what to think exactly but after Week 1 Day 1, I’m a huge fan. I chose songs from my playlist to run/walk to and started off. What’s Awesome about this thing is that it totally bosses me around. There’s just no thinking involved, plain and simple. A bell rings and tells me to walk and on the screen there's a countdown of minutes and/or seconds remaining. When it’s time to run, a bell rings and tells me to run. Perfect. I once read a book about marathon running for non-runners and the training schedule involved walking and running at different intervals. It sounded good but I could never imagine myself out there with a stopwatch making sure I did it right. If I didn't have an iPhone, I would buy one just to have this app.

But don’t get me wrong; there won’t be any marathons in my future. Just the thought of it hurts.

After all of that Sierra and I headed to church to learn to make aprons. She was a little standoffish about it at first (“I can’t iron!”, “I can’t pin!”, “I can’t sew!”) but she tried her hand at each of those things and did fine. She was so pleased with the finished product that she begged me to take her to Craft Warehouse to buy more material. We left with supplies to make two more plus a grocery sack and a small card purse. As blog as my witness, she will complete these because I’m not doing it. Okay, I’ll probably make the little purse because it’s cute and I picked out the fat quarters to do it. But that’s all. I’m not kidding. I hope. Tonight after the fabric came out of the dryer, she set out to iron each piece and proceeded to burn herself within a few minutes. I cut all the frayed edges and finished the ironing. But that’s all I’m doing. Really!

I say this is all I’m doing because Miss Sierra has Big Plans. She’d like to go to Washington D.C. this summer with her dad for Kenny’s 8 Year Old Trip. The 8 Year Old Trip is just between the 8 year old and Dad but since Kenny’s fine with the company, we’ve agreed that the older two can go if they pay for their tickets. That’s a big deal. She’s asked for a contribution toward it instead of a birthday party and gifts but there’s obviously more she’ll need. Here’s where the Big Plan comes in. She wants to make aprons and grocery sacks to sell on Etsy. I’ve agreed that she can AFTER she makes at least 5 of each to put up. That should help her decide how much she really likes doing this. I don’t want to squelch her entrepreneurial spirit but I also don’t want her to bite off more than I can chew. I mean she can chew. No, I had it right the first time!


  1. Great idea - LOVE the enrepreneurial spirit! I have an Etsy site, but it a ghost town right now - it is my hope that someday I will actually have time to put stuff on there!

  2. I totally identify with Sierra. I also hate sewing but want to like sewing very much. The fabrics, the cute new projects, the MONEY to be made on Etsy! I also burn myself frequently. Tell her to let me know when she's posted the items to Etsy. I'd love to shop!


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