Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where's My Mom Rep?

The other day as I sat waiting for Michael Jr. at the doctor’s office, a phone rang. The receptionist answered it and after a few minutes she told another woman to spread the word; a drug rep would be bringing in everyone’s coffee order the next morning.

Now though my caffeine intake is, how shall I put it? not low, I don’t actually drink coffee. Still I imagine it would be very nice to occasionally have someone treat me to something Special and Cool because I am a loyal user and recommender of their product. Or because they’d like me to be.

Let’s see. With the right incentive I might switch to Scott brand toilet paper. I mean with a family of seven I definitely appreciate the quantity I receive when I load up on the Kirkland brand at Costco but I’m a reasonable woman. Open to suggestions. Kellogg’s could probably lure us away from off brand mega tubes of crispy rice cereal and it wouldn’t take a lot for Kraft to con me into buying the blue box instead of Wal-Mart’s Great Value macaroni and cheese. I just found three tubes of Rimmel’s Lip Vinyl in my purse. Could Revlon or Cover Girl convince me they have something as fabulous? If it’s a color like “Snog”, it’s totally possible. There are probably a lot of companies out there In This Economy, In These Difficult Times, that would just love an increase in business even if they had to drop their prices to beat a competitor (or buy me lunch).

I need a Mom Rep or two.
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