Saturday, December 19, 2009

Acts 20:35

Stop 1970's Tiff! Do not break that seal! Do you know what those Adventure People will be worth on eBay in 2009? No, we don't have hovercraft yet. You're opening it anyway, aren't you?

Man I loved Adventure People. We bought this same set for the kids a few years ago on eBay and it definitely cost more than the original. On the upside, the younger ones still play with them. It's too bad they don't make them anymore. Tom is holding the game "Fat Chance" and I have exactly no idea what that was. But I can look it up . . .

From the box:
"Fat Chance is a rollicking game for children that nutrition-conscious parents will love. Players move Fat Man pawns around the colorful game board trying to collect as FEW junk food pounds as possible. But the temptations are many and it's hard to resist "Pie a la Mound", "Mozzarella Mess", "Sunday Driver" and the "Tube Steak Special" (sic). What a combination - Ugh! Just imagine what you'll feel like after stuffing yourself with all that junk! (yuk!) If you are lucky, though, you'll be able to sweat off some of those pounds in the steam bath. Then if you challenge another Fat Man to a Weigh-In, he'll be the one to flip down the scale not you. What a relief because the fewer pounds you gain the better your chances are of winning the game of Fat Chance."

Seriously. It's like the Biggest Loser!

Do you have memories of childhood toys you wish you'd have duplicates of, hermetically sealed for Future You? I can think of several. Funny though, I never think of that sort of thing when we pick out things for the kids. I never think much about what would have value in the future. That sort of thinking is probably what drives up the price of Star Wars Legos and the reason we can't afford them!

The FedEx Man saved Christmas today! The website said the package wouldn't come until sometime next week but we were leaving for Yelm today. Then, out of nowhere, the date changed to today! Around noon Michael and Tia and I were hanging out chatting when I noticed a FedEx truck outside! I ran, screaming like an idiot, right out the door. In my pajamas. Hadn't quite stopped doing laundry and packing this morning to remedy that. Anyway, after nothing, nothing, NOTHING, Michael went out to speak to the driver. Turns out the book I made for my parents was supposed to be on the truck but he couldn't find it. I was heartbroken. He said he'd be back after a few deliveries; maybe it would show up. And it did! It's funny how excited we can get about the gifts we give. Often far more excited about those than what we receive. "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35) sounds like some lame platitude we tell our kids to make them better people but honestly it's true; it really feels so much better. Though I have nothing against receiving. At all. That Spa Day and Tiffany's bracelet are still making me smile . . .
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