Friday, December 4, 2009

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I considered writing about the ward Christmas party earlier in the afternoon, before it happened, because it only ever goes one way, at least for our family:

1) We line up for photos with Santa, wait our turn, then watch as at least one of our little ones freaks out.

2) We scramble for a stretch of table with room for seven of us then wait a few seconds for the first cup of water to be spilled.

3) We listen to people attempt to perform a program and/or music over the din of wound up children.

4) We give the “Only One Dessert” lecture.

5) We get out as fast as we can vowing we’ll stay and clean up when we no longer have a toddler.

I would have been seriously premature with that post. Tonight we just skipped straight to #5.

I knew the theme was something like “A Night in Bethlehem” but we showed up early anyway because someone said Santa would be there before the dinner/program. Because OBVIOUSLY. He always is. But no so much tonight. So we start off with two disappointed boys.

I have to say the whole place was beautifully decorated and it clearly took a lot of work. A good deal of thought went into it. We were given faux gold coins to spend, signed the “census” and paid our tax to the tax collector. There were booths for food, a well set up for water, a jail (the boys Michael’s age were robbers), beggers, and probably lots of other things I didn’t end up noticing. We were on the early side (thanks Santa) so we looked for a place to sit. Uh oh. The only tables were set up in the Inn area which was set aside for the old and infirm. And their buddies. The rest of us were to sit and eat on the floor. I can see how this would go along with the theme but friends, we didn’t get the memo that this was a picnic (seriously, I heard tonight that there was a flier but I didn’t see it! Oh. Maybe it was passed around last Sunday while we were in Yelm . . .). Michael and I gave each other the “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” look and gathered up all but Michael who wanted to stay to rob people. It had already been a really, really long day and there was no way we were up to keeping our younger ones under control whilst NOT stepping on people’s food. So we packed up and ate at home.

Yes, Virginia, we do have bad attitudes. Then again, we know ourselves and what we can handle, so that’s something.

I wanted to go with Deena to the Badger Mountain bazaar/crafty thing tonight but decided I had a million things I needed to finish and had better knuckle down. While I worked on sewing leather bottoms to the Super Fabulous felted wool slippers I knit for my brother* for Christmas we watched "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". At one point someone said you can’t run away from your problems. Sam turned to me and said, “Well, actually you can, just not a t-rex.” Lucky Sam; his fears are all imaginary and “Everywhere you go, there you are,” means nothing to him.

He’s a funny kid. I mean all kids are hilarious but lately he’s been saying some of the craziest things without knowing it. Tonight we had this exchange:

Sam: “You know how Einsten had to have his head sewn on?”

Me: “I’m not familiar with that story.”

Sam (exasperated): “You know! He has nails in his head and his head is sewed to his body?”

Me: “Um, no”

Sam: “He's green? EINSTEIN?”

Me: “Frankenstein?”

Sam: “Yes!”

Maybe it’s just me but this is what it’s all about. Laughing at your kids. Um, I mean WITH your kids. YOU understand, I’m sure. That’s why I tell you and am smiling just thinking of you all snug in your beds with visions of sugar . . . sorry, it’s late and I’m babbly. Or whatever the typing equivalent would be. Good night my dears:).

*No spoiler alert needed. I already had to fit them to his feet as I felted them AND he has only once read my blog—he wanted to read “Eat the Sausage”.
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  1. LOVE that we arent the only ones who feel this way at ward parties. Our 1-5 is the same as yours...except #4. Forget it, eat as many as you want. That's really the best part anyway, right? sad. And no Santa? I'd rather stay home and watch rudolph....ON MY COUCH.


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