Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh What Fun!

This is my FAVORITE. This is what I look forward to each Christmas: Tiff and Tia's Annual Christmas Party. No pressure; I just make some punch and maybe a treat. Everyone else brings something delicious and me and my girlfriends have the best time. I can't be sure how many years we've been doing it but it only gets better each time.

Do you go to a party like this? Where everyone brings a wrapped gift and you play the stealing game? I hesitate to call it a White Elephant gift exchange because most people don't bring totally weird things (though Krista's insane wiggling elf hat that lit up and sang "We Are Santa's Elves" was a much coveted gift--way to go Berta!) so it's The Stealing Game to us. We draw numbers and take turns opening a gift or taking someone else's. The third pair of hands that touch it freeze that gift. I have no ability to adequately describe the insanity that ensued when Tia finally got the bug zapper she's wanted each year (Thanks Amy!) and what followed when it was stolen from her! She did get it back and went home with it so I guess I won't be getting any more emergency black widow calls. Krista and a few others wanted to try it out on my black widow but I think maybe they were too scared to get close enough!

We missed Nikki off in Nebraska but Tia did share a bit of her. It seems they've both downloaded the Dragon Dictation app. and if you don't completely anunciate your words, the dictation is, well, not quite what you'd hope for. Nikki decided to sing a Christmas carol into it and then sang back to Tia the words Dragon Dictation thought she said. It was HILARIOUS. I totally recommend this app., not for it's intended purpose but for sheer entertainment value.

Just thinking about tonight makes me all gushy like someone who maybe had a few too many. And any is too many for me, so you know, I LOVE you man! I know my husband and kids roll their collective eyes when they hear the party is coming up and they complain that they're relegated to the basement or somewhere else entirely, but I totally appreciate the time to be with my girlfriends. I know them from all sorts of different (and often overlapping) areas of my life and there are funny little connections between all of us. Buffy and Deena were new to the party this year but it turns out that Stephanie happened to go to high school with Buffy and Marijke and Deena have known each other since their high schoool seniors were in kindergarten. Small world.

Man I red-heart my girlfriends!
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