Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nyquil Induced Ramblings

Sierra found the ornament in the photo on the tree here at my parent’s house. Tom and Charlotte give them one each year and this was one of them. The ornament is a miniature claw-footed bathtub with Santa and a moose kicking back. Sierra held it up to us and demanded to know what she was missing. How was this not perverted? One of us said, “It’s a reindeer. Give them a break, it’s been a long day.” She pointed out that, no, in fact it was actually a moose. And a reindeer wouldn’t be any better. Why are they in a bathtub together? Michael Jr. shouted, “It’s a ‘bro date’!”.

My kids can detect the inappropriate ANYWHERE. Even Christmas ornaments. It’s like a sixth sense.

(How would my son know what a “bro date” is? Did you watch the final tribal council on Survivor this last season? That’s how. I just didn’t see that one coming.)

I better get moving before the Nyquil finishes me off. Let’s see. How was your day? Did you take advantage of the after Christmas sales? I tried to get some things at Target but wasn’t totally impressed with the prices or what was available. We did, however, notice that the red Spike the Ultra Dinosaur was on clearance and there was one left. I had enough gift cards in my wallet with Sam’s name on them so it’s in the back of the van waiting to be snuck in the house when we get home tomorrow. Surprise, surprise.

We meant to hurry down to the movie theater off Martin Way to see Avatar in 3-D in the IMAX theater but it was bumper to bumper from Sleater-Kinney to the front of the theater. Dad bought us tickets in advance so we got in but we had to sit very close to the front. Not ideal. I’m such a dummy; it never occurred to me that Lacey was ever this busy. But what do I know? I don’t live here anymore.

So anyway. I loved the movie. It was like “Dances with Wolves” with creatures from Napoleon Dynamite’s imagination. And daisy cutters, G.I. Joes, and plenty of plastic explosives. I loved it because it was visually stunning. It was easy to forget it was CGI. I loved it also because I’m a sucker for movies about indigenous populations (probably somehow linked to my worthless Anthropology degree) and although, like Michael said, we kept waiting for Al Gore to walk across the screen and sing “Kumbaya”, it kept my interest the for the entire 162 minutes. You have to understand that’s a VERY long time for me.

Here’s what I don’t quite get. This movie is not for little kids. It has a PG-13 rating for a reason. So why the Happy Meal (and other toys) tie-in? I know, I know, follow the money.

I can feel the Nyquil pulling me under . . .
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