Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Quite Ready

We rolled out the gingerbread cookie dough this afternoon and immediately Sierra had some ideas. She needed people for her gingerbread house and she made a gingerbot to wreck havoc. He looked sort of friendly so she decapitated one of the gingerfolk to make it look a little more menacing. I knew she was eager to build a gingerbread house this year but I really had no idea she had such un-Christmas plans.

And on with the preparations. I always mean to get all the gifts at least purchased by very early December. And usually it’s not a big deal. This year the kids were oddly silent about what they wanted and it left us kind of stuck.

On Saturday afternoon I cornered each of them while Michael sat at the computer making purchases. It was like pulling teeth! Aren’t kids supposed to spend the months and weeks before Christmas dreaming of this?

Michael Jr. had no ideas whatsoever. He finally remembered seeing a commercial for Wii Sports Resort and it looked fun. Sierra requested money. Not that that’s going to happen. After lots of “I don’t knows”, Kenny decided he’d like some more Legos. Sam knew what he wanted but refused to tell because Santa already knows. Sierra got it out of him: Spike Jr. the Ultra Dinosaur. Josh wants a train. That’s not a lot to go on and I’m at a loss about what to say if any other grandparents ask what they want.

It’s actually kind of refreshing. They’ve been warned that there won’t be an overwhelming tide of gifts this Christmas and they seem fine with it.

Right now the kids are watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. I was surprised when they asked to watch it; they usually avoid the classics. I should’ve known better; they’ve spent most of it laughing at the way the Peanuts gang dances (you HAVE to admit it’s hilarious) and the rest orally rewriting it. Now it takes place in the town of Forks and Charlie Brown is a vampire.
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